Power Supply Wire, 6 AWG THHN Wire and 4mm Solar Cable for Villa in Cambodia

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 11,2021

JZD Wire&Cable provided power supply wire, 6 awg THHN wire and 4mm solar cable for this project


Project Introduction

Luxury villa Borey Angkor Phnom Penh located in outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Angkor Phnom Penh City came up with this project in November, 2020 and started to the construct this luxury villa in May, 2021. This residence owns 234,800 square meters and is designed to providing the domiciles for nearly 1500 households and match supermarket, park, swimming pool, coffee shop, amusement park for kids, football field and basketball field, what’s more this project is predicted to be finished in October, 2022.



Order Negotiation

JZD Wire&Cable provided the power supply wire(50,000 meters), 6 awg THHN wire(45,000 meters) and 4mm solar cable(35,000 meters) for this project. Mr.Nimol, the procurement manager with lots of experiences was responsible for the electrical materials in the whole project.In December,2020, Mr.Nimol sent the inquiry in our foreign site and our sale Monica knew this is a big project and she told to our boss, then our boss Mr.Lin joined in the negotiation of this project.

Although the pandemic still made it is impossible for our customer to come in China, the whole process of our deal always was very smooth.In the initial 1 month negotiating process between us, we JZD Wire&Cable introduced ourselves to our customer Angkor Phnom Penh City, including our foreign sale service team, factory workshop and warehouse to our customer, soon we obtained the trust from Angkor Phnom Penh City. Finally Angkor Phnom Penh City decided to order 3 kinds of cable and wire, they respectively are power supply wire(50,000 meters), 6 awg THHN wire(45,000 meters) and 4mm solar cable(35,000 meters).


Production and Shipping

Because the project was much urgent, soon Angkor Phnom Penh City paid the deposit and hoped us to produce and shipping as soon we can. We can felt the need and anxiety deeply and promised prior to produce the goods they ordered. However we still felt a little stressful, power supply wire, 6 awg THHN wire and 4mm solar cable belong to the more complicated wire and cable in the prodcution difficulites, it is mainly determined by the materials we will use in those wire and cable. Fortunately based on the strong PVC insulation material and high quality bare copper supply chain and adequate working man, compared to the date we promised, we went ahead 10 days to accomplish the whole production work. At last the final but also most important process customer inspection on finished goods came in that day, Angkor Phnom Penh City authorized the SGS company to inspect and our quality manager accompanied with the whole inspection process in that day, he said:”they did inspection work very carefully , that made us much stressful ,however finally we won this battle”, we didn’t let our customer down, in the next moment power supply wire(50,000 meters), 6 awg THHN wire(45,000 meters) and 4mm solar cable(35,000 meters) were filled into 4*40HQ containers, we successfully loaded the goods into the ship that was bound for the Cambodia.


Customer Feedback

Now the project is in the period of laying the 6 awg THHN wire and power supply wire, Mr.Nimol replied to us and said:”the constructing manager praised the 6 awg THHN wire and power supply wire we provided, your cable and wire are very suitable for the installing in our construct field”.Nothings can express the feeling we had when listened to those confirmation from our customer, although our 4mm solar cable will not be installed until later period of whole project, definitely we have accumulated the huge confidence to promote our products, such as 4mm solar cable, 6 awg THHN wire, power supply wire and the flexible PVC insulation cable to whole Southern Asia, even to the Europe and North American and South American.   


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