2.5MM 3 Core Flexible Cable Multi Core Flexible Cable Shipped to Canada

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 16,2020

JZD cable factory provided multi core flexible cable for the Canadian light show.


Negotiation With Customer

Mr. Sylvain is an engineer from Canada and he found us through our site in 2019. His company had a LED light show project in that time, considering the quantities and price, he tried to purchase those goods from China supplier or manufacturer. Our sale manager Mr.Maggie contacted the Mr.Sylvain soon and after talking with the business deeply constant each other and Mr.Sylvain highly praised the business ability of our manager Mr.Maggie. Not long time later he already had a basic understanding of our factory and knew that we are an electric wire & cable manufacturer with more than 19 years. Our company provided free samples for him to test. Then we sent the samples to the Beijing Testing Agency that the customer cooperated with. After more than half a month of testing, Mr. Sylvain told us that the sample passed the test and he placed the first order the wires & cables for this light show project. We found out Mr.Sylvain wanted to come to China to visit our factory by himself later, however he didn't have enough time to arrange such far journey, so Mr. Sylvain decided to purchase 2.5 mm 3 core flexible cable and other multi core flexible cable for this LED light show. Soon Mr.Sylvain paid the deposit to us and we arranged his order at once.

Shipment to Vancouver Port

10 days before shipment, we helped our customer confirm the booking successfully. Customer authorized the SGS company to inspect the finished 2.5 mm 3 core flexible cable, our 20 rolls multi core flexible cable were selected out, the inspector from SGS separated them and verified if the 2.5 mm 3 core flexible cable and other multi core flexible cable were qualified, at last our finished goods passed through the whole inspection procedure. The loading day came in 3 days,our finished product were loaded into 2x40 HQ containers and transported to the Shenzhen Port, predicted 26 days later, our customer will receive the 2.5 mm 3 core flexible cable and other multi core flexible cable we shipped at the Vancouver port.



Feedback from Customer 

Two months later until the cable were shipped to our customer, he sent us the video about their light show, which is such a fairy-tale lighting festival. Mr. Sylvain said that our 2.5 mm 3 core flexible cable helped this light show so much and he was considering to purchase more multi core flexible cable from us, because in his hand there were other projects where the 2.5mm 3 core flexible cable and other multi core flexible cable belong to the necessity. Although we have not met with each other, Mr.Sylvain continued to trust us all the time when we contacted the first time. Here thank for trust from our customer very much and we definitely will not let our customer down, trust is the most important factor during international trade process, if we can't trust each other, we have no method to reach at the deal at last.



Multi Core Flexible Cable Selection

JZD cable factory is a company with 21 years development and production experiences on wire and cable industry, we professionally supply multi core flexible cable including the 2.5 mm 3 core flexible cable, besides we also manufacture the THHN cable, solar cable, XLPE/PVC power cable, ethernet network cable and many types of other cables. Welcome to contact us for more information and we will reply on your inquiry within 2 hours.


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