THHN Wire and Cable for Hotel Project In Cebu City,The Philippines

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 04,2021

This project located in Cebu City,The Philippines and the total investment approaches to $100 millions and planned to be built as a superior vacation site for all over the world and Westland Home has the potential to be one of most popular and advanced hotel vacation center.Westland Home was designed by a professional Japanese Architecture Design Studio,whole style trend to mordern fashion.Westland Home is consisted of commercial,offices,hospital,residential condo,hotel and so on.



How did we know The Westland Home?

In the exhibition established on 14th,April,2021 held in Shenzhen,we met with the Lady DIwata of Westland Home.Lady DIwata was the procurement representative appointed to China for procurement of THHN wire and cable.After strict check and 14 days quarantine,She started the journey to find satisfied THHN wire and cable alone.

She crossed the half of China in the early 1 months and visited many cable manufacturer plant,however didn't find the THHN wire and cable conform to her require,for the Westland Home,this is a huge investment,relatively the require for THHN wire and cable is highly compared to normal project,finally Lady Dlwata found us in exhibition.Monica told to me,she was very impressed with Lady Dlwata.She saw a wowen torwards to our exhibition place,seems to little disappointed and also in hurry.Monica said:"she took over the product brochure,showed strong interest in our product,we knew each other later,i could see that she had a relief on her face"

Lady Dlwata told to our sale team touched,at that time,she felt so exhausted,she said:"i took the travel box with my desktop and the offers from the manufacturer plant where she ever visited,you JZD saved me,otherwise i didn't have any better solution even i can't reply to my boss"  



The process of signing contract

We invited Lady Dlwata come to our factory while exhibition finished.Monica accompanied her visited our production line and explained our company structure to her and introduced our boss Mr.Lin to her, at the first eye,Mr.Lin claimed his like to her.At the meeting in our office,we discussed some detailed problem about THHN wire and cable.Such as the insulation Nylon,copper purity,delivery time, deposit, the payment method,FOB term or CIF term,eventually Lady Dlwata ordered 12 kinds of THHN wire and cable from us, The total amount approached to $ 0.3 Million FOB term listed below;


THHN wire and cable stranded cu #3.5 mm2                    100,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #5.5 mm2                      35,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #8.0 mm2                      2,400 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #14 mm2                       25,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #22 mm2                       5,100 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #30 mm2                       1,500 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #38 mm2                        2,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu #2.0 mm2                       42,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu Green #3.5mm2              10,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu Green #5.5mm2              10,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu  Green #8.0mm2              15,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu  Green #3.5mm2              22,000 meters

THHN wire and cable stranded cu  Green #14mm2               600 meters




The shipment

We overcame many difficulties to accomplish the production,those THHN wires and cables was loaded into 4*40HQ containers and before shippment,Westland Home forced the SGS company to help them to inspect those wires and cables.That day was a big day for our factory,SGS admitted our goods belong to qualified products,that made us so excited,that night our boss Mr.Lin treated us to have a big meal and went to Kalaok,we spent a happy and crazy night.The next day Dlwata said she felt so excited about this successful cooperation and once their company has the another project,she will consider us fristly,that made us felt so happy. 





Feedback of product use

Now the THHN wires and cables were transfered to their job location.According to customer's feedback,they are very content to the actual usage efficiency,our THHN wire and cables were easy to installed and never found any problem about the insulation materials,such as until now there aren't any breakdown or stripping bad situations.The electrical engineers of Westland Home went to the construction site to confirm the design,they also liked our wire and cables very much,said:"JZD's THHN wire and cables will be the basement of whole hotel projects,they actually didn't let us down,they completed this big work perfectly"


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