THHN Wire in Conduit and Solar PV Cable for Solar Energy Company in Philippines

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 23,2020

In the middle of 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, buyers cannot come to China to purchase. our client whose solar energy provider in the Philippines is the same. The buyer of this company found us through our site. After an in-depth understanding each other, we knew that this customer was very short of THHN wire and he was searching for 14 awg thhn wire in conduit and 10 awg solar cable.

Order Negotiation 

Because the THHN wire is covered with a high temperature resistant nylon sheath, there are not many manufacturers who actually make this product, because the production of THHN wire requires certain skills and need some high configuration devices. Otherwise, it will easily cause the nylon sheath and the wire insulation layer to separate. JZD Wire&Cable purchased 2 extrusion machine from Japan in 2018 year and that improved our production ability largely.



The customer learned that we are producing THHN wire ourselves, and our main market is also the Philippines, so we have a good understanding of the local specifications in the Philippines. We have not only cooperated with hospitals, airports, and other projects but also have a long-term cooperation wholesaler in the Philippines. And JZD cable is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience. The customer confirmed with us the delivery date of the THHN wire including 1500 rolls 14 awg thhn wire in conduit and solar PV cable including 2500 rolls 10 awg solar cable in the 20-foot cabinet. This customer made a deposit for us at Alibaba. We completed the order and shipped it within 7 working days.

Feedback from Customer

The customer expressed a high degree of recognition for the quality of our THHN Cable and wire in conduit and solar pv cable after they received it, and told us will do a lot of business include 14 awg thhn wire in conduit and 10 awg solar cable in not long future,they have a lot of projects will need those wire or cable in future, and we are one of the best supplier for them.



Selection of Solar Cable and THHN Wire

Solar cable and thhn wire both belong to very common used cable or wire now and has been more and more popular and those 2 cable has a certain technical require for the manufacturer. Usually the solar cable need TUV certification and thhn wire needs the UL certification. What's more the 14 awg thhn wire in conduit and 10 awg solar cable has been inquired in our site in recent 2 years and we applied the UL and TUV certification successfully and welcome to contact us for more information and we will reply on you within 2 hours.


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