Power Supply Cable For Group Company Employee Dormitory In Malaysia

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 04,2021

The Employee Dormitory of Group Company is located in Johor Bahru.This Dormitory covers 5000 squre meters to provide accommodation for nearly 10 thousands of employees.This belong to a new project,the former dormitory our customer owns was too old,now they have the desire to build a new house for their employees.That definitely will help our customer to complete their promise to provide a good living condition for their employees and let them find the feeling of home.




JZD Wire&Cable felt so proud that can have this rare chance to help Malaysian customer.Our boss Mr.Lin met with Mr.Hafiz on the exhibition held in Australia in November,2020.Mr.Hafiz had the strong expression on our boss and sale team and by nearly 2 hours talk,we knew Mr.Hafiz worked in a group company focus on steel manufacture and his company was planning to build a new dormitory for their employees and Mr.Hafiz was responsible for procurement of the power supply cable,finally Mr.Hafiz and we exchanged the business card each other.

When we came back China,Mr.Hafiz called our boss positively,our boss Mr.Lin felt a little astonished,he didn't think Mr.Hafiz would call him so quickly and we had the video meeting for some details about order of power supply cable with Mr.Hafiz and his team.We sent the samples to them,SGS company helped them to inspect and our samples passed the strict inspection from SGS company in Malaysia.Mr.Hafiz and his team was very content to our product quality,he said that in Malaysia couldn't find a similar product with competitive price and good quality, we sent 4 samples to them, eventually his team selected 2 power supply cable models.





In that time,ZR-YJV-0.6/1KVYJV-,4*16MM2,2*2.5MM2 is our hot sale models for power supply cable and we all felt happy that Mr.Hafiz and his team's vison is so good,everythings seems very smoothly,later we signed the contract and PI and what's more you couldn't imagine that Mr.Hafiz did the remittance of depsite so swiftly and we felt the highly respect and trust from Mr.Hafiz.

Our factory functioned very efficient, however the accidents happened to whole China.The fierce epidemic rolled over whole China reigon and we aslo coudn't escape from this disaster.Factory stopped the production and we felt so disappointed to ourself and guilty to Mr.Hafiz,however made us touched was Mr.Hafiz comforted us deeply and expressed that he definitely insisted on ordering those power supply cable from us.Back to that difficult period, i thought it must be the our service and product made Mr.Hafiz was willing to wait us for a long time and we must know we all didn't know when the epidemic would end and our factory would function normally.



The whole shipment and clearance of customs was very smoothly,because Mr.Hafiz and his team never ordered anythings from China,they wasn't familiar with the whole import procedure,however Mr.Hafiz was trust us so much,so we charged on the shipment.We made booking and confirmed the delivery time with forwarder and did the clearance of customs in China.While the goods arrived in port in Malaysia,we felt so excited,by so long time and so many difficulties happened in this process,eventually our customers got the power supply cable from us,we felt didn't let our customer down and meanwhile made us felt so confident to us.Mr.Hafiz send some photos to us recently,we can see their project be carryed on steady,although we couldn't see the house now,but we can imagine that maybe short time later those dormitories would be built totally.



The story happened between us and Mr.Hafiz made us confirm that so long as we have the strong desire to help our customer,nothing can stop our forwarding step.Welcome more friends from all over the world to visit our factory and we will do our best to provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services. JZD cable is a manufacturer specializing in wires & cables for more than 20 years. We provide Power Supply Cable, THHN cable,solar cable, and other cables for 1000+ projects around the world.


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