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Exclusive News: Single Core PVC Flexible Cable UL Certified-JZD Wire&Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 25,2021


Wire and Cable as the one of most common used and popular product in building and industrial projects,however many countries has their own standards.For china wire and cable manufacturer, a important issue occur,how can we export our product to our customer in the overseas?JZD Wire&Cable acquired UL certificated for our single core PVC flexible cable on October 15,2021.What is the single core PVC flexible cable?For wire and cable,UL certification is enough authoritative?How will the UL certification help us to explore our overseas market?This article help you know those 3 things clearly.

What Is The Single Core PVC Flexible Cable?

Single core PVC flexible cable refer to single conductor with PVC insulted wire and cable.Compared with PE flexible cable,single core PVC flexible cable own many advantages.Such as The cracking resistance of PE cable material is not as good as single core PVC flexible cable, and the extrusion process performance is not as good as PVC, but PVC is toxic,however now environmental protection is on emphasize so some places use PE material.Single core PVC flexible cable generally do rated voltage in the following 1000V, and PE mainly do more than 1000V in the high voltage,PE dielectric loss is smaller than PVC suitable for high transmission.


UL Certificated For Single Core PVC Flexible Cable Is Authoritative Enough?

UL certification was established by UL, INC.Belong to a global testing and certification agency and standard development agency.Since its establishment in 1894,UL has issued nearly 1,800 safety, quality and sustainability standards, more than 70% of which have become national standards in USA and is the national standard development agency in Canada.How is the specific situation for single core PVC flexible cable?"Electrical Wiring wire and Cable and its Test" is one of Wire and cable UL certification test standards,called as UL758,suitable for the single core PVC flexible cable we produce.Below i list the specific test procedure;

  • Conductor diameter measurement, mass method measurement of cross-sectional area measurement;  
  • Diameter method to measure the cross section area, dc resistance of conductor;  
  • Measurement of tensile strength, elongation and thickness of conductor; 
  • Tensile strength and elongation, weaving coverage;  
  • Shielding coverage, continuity, conductor corrosion;  
  • Insulation resistance, insulation resistance, sheath resistance;  
  • Ac leakage current test, thermal shock;  
  • Low temperature bending, low temperature impact, deformation;  
  • Thermal extension, wear, mark abrasion resistance;  
  • Mechanical strength and bending test of nylon sheath; 

As we can see,in view of the UL worldwide influences and the strict test contents,we can say UL certificated single core PVC flexible cable is enough convictive.


Which Regions Is UL Certificated For Single Core PVC Flexible Cable Recognized?

After our single core PVC flexible cable are certified, they can be used in Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and other countries.


The Procedure to UL Certification Of Single Core PVC Flexible Cable

  • Project determination: confirm the test based on UL standards, certification costs and time, sample number, etc.
  • Data preparation: according to the requirements of UL, the enterprise is ready to certification required information or documents.
  • Sample submission test: the enterprise sends the sample to Guangdong Youke Testing Laboratory for product testing.
  • Issued report: product test results meet UL standards, formally issued test report.
  • Factory audit: UL will conduct the first factory inspection of the production plant to ensure compliance with the standard requirements.
  • Use of the UL mark: The applicant is officially authorized to use the UL mark after meeting the requirements.

Single Core PVC Flexible Cable Help Us To Develop More Overseas Market

Which single core PVC flexible cable have got UL certification now? UL1007 and UL1015 both acquired UL certificated.Now our sinle core PVC flexible cable is hot sale in many countries,such as Australia,The Philippines,Peru,Argentina.But now we have UL certification,we have acess to sell to more countries.We are looking forward to promote our single core PVC flexible cable to Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark.

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