12 Gauge THHN Wire for Automatic Voltage Regulator in the Philippines

Published by Author: Joey Wan July 15,2021

Customer Introduce

Mr. Octoso is an installation engineer from the Philippines. Recently, his project is to install electricity and regulate voltage for an apartment building. He needs THHN copper wire 12 gauge THHN wire when installing 440V, 1000Kva Automatic Voltage Regulator. In fact, Mr. Octoso is our old customer and he had found us on our site last year, and we had already provided Mr. Octoso with another size THHN wire 6 gauge thhn wire which belong to the thhn wire buried underground directly.

Order Negotiation

The original plan of their project was to install 4 wires in one port but considering the electricity demand of the entire apartment. They wanted to ensure safe and stable power transmission, in the end, they decided to use 5 wires of 12 gauge THHN wires to connect to one port. At this time, Mr. Octoso contacted our salesman Miss.Vivian, because the too big size or too small size is difficult for non-professional THHN wire manufacturers. They do not have professional machinery and equipment to produce. And many companies will not take orders for special-sized cables or they are impossible to provide accurate dimensions to customers. Mr. Octoso is trusting us and once again purchases THHN wire of larger size from us.



THHN Copper Wire Selection

Our company is mainly engaged in THHN copper wire including 12 gauge thhn wire, royal cord, solar cable, which is very popular in the Philippine market. Our cables are provided to many Philippine customers, including airport projects, hospital projects, solar installation projects, mechanical installation projects, home decoration, and others more than 250 items.

Our company is a wire and cable manufacturer with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, home wiring cable, THHN copper wire, royal core, solar cable, halogen-free wire, and others. Welcome to contact us for more wire and cable information. Free sample available and within 2 hours your inquiry will be treated.


Mr.Octoso contacted us 3 days ago and wanted to order 12 gauge thhn copper wire from us and our sales Miss.Vivian is quoting to Mr.Octoso and thanks for the trust from our customer all the time. Although the copper price has been rising in the past 1 years, we will try our best to profit our customers the best.


Extension Information

1.5 mm², 2.5 mm² How many watts can a wire carry?

5 minutes to distinguish the DC cable and AC cable


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