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We Need to Understand the Knowledge of Photovoltaic Cables !

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 23,2022

We need to understand the knowledge of photovoltaic cables in order to better discover the beauty of electricity.

We are very familiar with wires and cables, because our lives are simply inseparable from wires and cables. Every computer has many wires inside, and every machine used is inseparable from electricity. Our lives are inseparable from cables.

solar cable, photovoltaic cable

But what we need to know is that there are many classifications of wires and cables. Various types of cables, various specifications, and various types of cables are not the same, and safe electricity consumption is the most basic requirement for the production of cables.

So let's take a look at what wires and cables are like, how they operate and run.

1. What inspection work should be done before cable laying?


(1) The bracket should be complete and the paint is complete.

(2) The solar  cable model, voltage and specifications conform to the design.

(3) The cable insulation is good. When there is doubt about the sealing of the oil-paper cable, it should be judged by moisture; the direct-buried cable and the small bottom cable should be difficult to pass the DC withstand voltage test; the oil sample of the oil-filled cable should pass the test.

(4) The oil pressure of the oil-filled cable should not be lower than 1.47MPa.

2. When there is doubt about the sealing of oil-paper-insulated power cables, how to use a simpler method to check whether the cable insulating paper is damp?

solar cable,photovoltaic wire

Answer: Ignite the cable insulation paper or put it into the cable oil at about 150 ℃ to check, there is no "hissing" sound or white foam appears, indicating that it is not damp.

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