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Tell Me How Much Do You Know About the Wire and Cable ?

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 23,2022

Tell Me How Much Do You Know  About the Wire and Cable ?

There are many technologies in our lives, and each technology is inseparable from electricity, and naturally cannot be separated from the selection and use of wires and cables. How much knowledge do you know about wires and cables? Let's explore it together!

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1. What are the requirements for the clamp for fixing the AC single core cable and why?

Answer: The fixture should have no iron parts to form a closed magnetic circuit. This is because when the cable core passes current, magnetic lines of force are generated around it, and the magnetic lines of force are proportional to the current through the core. If magnetic conductive materials such as iron parts are used, according to It can be known from electromagnetic induction that eddy currents will be generated in the iron parts to make the cable heat up and even burn out the cable. Therefore, it is not possible to use iron parts as a fixing fixture for single-core AC cables.

2. What are the biggest features and advantages of the following heat shrinkable cable head accessories?

Answear: The biggest feature of the heat shrinkable accessories is to replace the traditional stress cone with a stress tube, which not only simplifies the construction process, but also reduces the size of the terminal of the joint, which is easy to install, saves time and labor, has superior performance and saves metal. The heat shrinkable cable accessory integrates the pouring type and the dry wrapping type, combining the advantages of these two types of accessories.

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