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So Excellent Is The Solar Cable !

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 23,2022

The cable looks right, but have you paid attention to the label written on the cable? Have you read the cable logo seriously? What is the cable logo like? Why write the cable logo? What is the benefit of writing a cable logo? Have you considered this issue?

So Excellent Is The Solar Cable !

1. What should be indicated on the cable sign, and what are the requirements for writing?

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Answer: The cable line design number, cable model, specification and starting point should be indicated on the sign board. The cables used in parallel should have a sequence number. The handwriting is required to be clear and not easy to fall off.

2. Where should the orientation mark of the directly buried cable be set?

Answer: At both ends of the cable, the cable joint at 50~100m of the straight section of the cable is at the corner where the cable changes direction.

3. How to remove moisture before construction for yellow wax ribbons, black glass paint ribbons, alkali-free glass ribbons, etc. for making cable joints?

solar cable,photovoltaic cable


(1) Constant temperature drying method: Roll the insulating tape into small rolls with a diameter of 25~30mm, put it in a constant temperature drying box of 110~120°C for 4~5 hours, cool it and dry it out, and put it in a dry sealed cylinder.

(2) Oil immersion and moisture removal method: Put the small coil of insulating tape into the cable oil with a constant temperature of 120~130℃, keep a distance of 30mm from the bottom of the pot, after a certain period of time, the oil surface will no longer produce foam, take it out, and put it into storage. In barrels with cable oil, the oil level should be above all contents and sealed.

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