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Tips About DC Wire for Solar Panel Before Your procurement

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 25,2021

As solar cable expert and TOP 3 manufacturer and supplier in China, we have exported our DC wire for solar panels to over 12 countries, such as Australia, Israel. Our DC wire for solar panels helps our customer decrease the maintenance and avoid them to change their set up over and over again. These DC wire for solar panels cover the full range of cable internal connections between the solar panels and the other components of the photovoltaic generating system.



The Paris agreement was signed in 2015 years, in such worldwide important climate conference nearly 55 countries had the common agreement on decreasing the coal energy usage and struggling to develop the new green energy. The solar energy definitely could be the one of most competitive choice, for example the Australia, where the sun supply time is very enough, from 2015 year, the Australia solar panel installed in house and solar panel farm has been increasing abruptly. Our DC wire for solar panels are designed to connect the internal parts of solar panels, to help the transmission of generated power.

By constant export activity, our DC wire for solar panels can be found in lots of countries. We have been providing the DC wire for solar panels to a Australia solar generation plants focus on solar energy generating systems, who was established in 2010 year and belong to the TOP 10 company. Besides we have sold our DC wire for solar panels to Israel and South Africa, those two countries both belong to the place suitable to install solar panel, however in their own city or country, they seldom have the possibility to find a suitable supplier for the DC wire for solar panels, just right as a experienced solar cable expert in China, we helped them and meanwhile our customers helped us promote ourselves to the foreign markets.


Detail introduction of DC wire for solar panels

Before we have insisted in manufacturing our DC wire for solar panels according to the China standard. However when we wanted to enter to potential overseas markets about 5 years ago, we shifted to the IEC 60228 standard. In this international standard, there are lots of strict require for household roof solar panel device installations and solar farms with lots of different scopes, in such a high technical device, what is the function of our DC wire for solar panels? Our solar wire and cable mainly be used to connect photovoltaic power generation systems, including the solar panel arrays.However that require the cable and wire so much, compared to ordinary PVC cable, our DC wire for solar panels can withstand extremely severe environmental surroundings and meanwhile our DC wire for solar panels can avoid the degradation caused by UV light exposure.Our solar cable adopts the high quality tinned bare copper, LSZH low smoke zero halogen insulation and XLPE sheath materials, which all belong to the superior configuration in whole cable and wire industry.



The specification and parameter of solar cable

JZD Wire&Cable provides single core and 2 cores DC wire for solar panels, below list the detail product specification and construction.

Prodcut Construction

Type DC wire for solar panles or PV1-F
Standard IEC 60228
Nominal Voltage 0.6/1KV
Quantity of core single core or 2 core
Conductor High quality tinned copper
Insulation Materials LSZH or XLPE
Sheath Materials XLPE

Prodcut specification available in JZD Wire&Cable

Cross Section(mm2) Conductor Construction(N/M) Maximum Current(A)
1.5 30/0.25  
2.5 50/0.25  
4 56/0.3  
6 84/0.3  
10 142/0.3  
16 228/0.3  
25 361/0.3  
2X1.5 60/0.25  
2X2.5 100/0.25  
2X4 112/0.3  
2X6 168/0.3  
2X10 456/0.3  
2X16 722/0.3  


IEC 60228 TUV certified solar cable

If we don’t have TUV certification , we have no any method for expanding to overseas market. In whole development and production process, IEC 60228 indicate the direction of exploiting our new DC wire for solar panels. Sometimes the DC wire for solar panels also called as PV1-F cable, in the process of applying the TUV certification, we overcame all kinds of difficulties we met with, such as we sent our DC wire for solar panels to be tested, waiting for long time and at last we got this important certification.



Other solar panels product

Apart from the DC wire for solar panels, JZD Wire&Cable also have the MC4 solar cable connectors. Any need for solar panel product, you can contact us and we will push our engineer to help you solve the problem you are meeting with.


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