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You Need Know Those Tips Before Procuring the LSZH Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 24,2021

JZD Wire&Cable provides a comprehensive scope of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) wires and cables for utilization in lots of applying scenes where smoke emission and poison smokes may cause a harm to human body health and essential equipment and devices in the event of a fire.In the lots of LSZH wires and cables, we wanna introduce our solar cable PV1-F which has been hot sale in many countries to you.

LSZH cables are also commonly referred to as ZHLS cables or halogen free cables because of the LSZH describes the insulation or sheath materials.Maybe someone doesn’t know the LSZH wire and cable is alike to the flame retardant wire and cable on the resist the fire to expand in the fire event, making them flame retardant low smoke (FR-LS) cables, so sometimes many buyers will ask for the FR-LS wire and cable in our site.



Now the PVC cable still is more liked by our consumers and purchasers and applied in more application scenes. Unlike PVC cableXLPE wires and cable and other cables made of other compounds which cause plenty of highly density extremely black smoke, poison fumes and acid air when exposed to fire in a severe fire event, LSZH wires and cables cause very low levels of smoke and poison smoke and almost no any acid gases. Accurately described is the LSZH wires and cables are essentially halogen free cables. Therefore considering the ability to resist the poison smoke to harm human, usually the LSZH wire and cables are used in some specified locations indoors, in particular in some public areas, and in other hazardous conditions and areas where is difficult to be ventilated . Specific those includes solar energy system, automobiles, planes, trains and boats and so on. LSZH insulated and sheathed cables are commonly used in the photovoltaic generating systems and many city tunnels and whole subways network system.Below needed to apart the LSZH concept to 2 independent parts for you understand the LSZH cable better.

Low smoke factor 

Referred to the latest building regulations published by many countries and regions , i found some common knowledge on this topic. For example the Building Regulations, a leading planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales and General Building Regulations Rules, a latest government document published in 2018 year which conforms the general require on domestic and commercial building for China :

Here taking a quote from this government documents "The initial threat related to a severe fire disaster in its early period actually is not flame usually we thought in the past but the smoke and poison air caused by the shining flame. What’s more those severe fire disaster always lead to vast casualties and in the death cases, most of persons are caused by the fumes, the smokes obscure the route to escape directions and exits. Measures designed to provide safe means of escape must therefore provide appropriate arrangements to limit the rapid spread of smoke and fumes."

Firstly let us take a look on PVC properties on smoke production.According to many scientific experiments, a ordinary burning PVC cable has been found to reduce visibility in the surrounding location by as much as 55% within 10 minutes. 30 minutes later, visibility can be reduced by as 95% , if you were a such a visibility environment, for almost persons, making it not meaningful struggling to escape the area, the only thing you can do is waiting for die or hoping the rescue.

How does the LSZH insulated cable behavior in such test? Compared to PVC cable, the LSZH has more excellent performance on test., IEC 60502 specifies such a scientific fume density test, operated in a space without any outlets 4m x 4m x 4m. The professional personnel maybe call the test as the 4 cubic metre standard test. By watching the whole process transparency decline when a white light beam projecting from one direction of the room to the another direction at about 2.5 meter height, by this method, we can easily measure  the fume density in the space.Usually if a cable or wire qualified to use as low smoke, the lowest require for this cable or wire is there is a minimum beam transparency of 65%, in some particular countries, the require is more strict, like in USA, they often require the transparency reach at 70%. 

Zero Halogen factor 

No matter what insulated or sheathed material you use in your cable and wire, when met with a fire or high temperature, the insulation definitely will release some harmful gases, how to prevent the gases directly harmful to our body has been the most important issue we are struggling to solve. As we all know when you burn a PVC cable and other cable the insulation or sheath compounds will produce lots of hazardous chemical substances, including hydrogen chloride (HCl) that we learned about in chemistry lesson in high school, which is extremely highly poison and directly harmful to our body. Besides there is a more terrible situation maybe occur, because the hydrogen chloride is very easy to volatilize when confused with water in the air or everywhere, soon HCl will form hydrochloric acid; a substance which is both poison and corrosive. In the case of a PVC cable is burned , as much as 40% of the emissions can be HCl, if you are in the space without any outlets, it will be very dangerous.

IEC 60502 rules that emissions of HCl by LSZH cables must be controlled within 0.6%.

Comparison between LSZH and LSF cables

Regretfully now there is a common misconception. Someone still think that low smoke and fume (LSF) cables and LSZH cables are the same, however it is wrong totally. Any manufacturer or supplier who try to mix both conception maybe could be accused of cheating our buyer or consumer, because at last in the case of a severe fire, probably there will are persons died in such a artificial accident.

Alike PVC cables, LSF cables still insist on using PVC compounds during the whole process. However lots of manufacturer or supplier still announce that they are selling the LSF cables, why? Due to the manufacturer or supplier has changed the compound with different additive for declining smoke and HCl emissions, but the LSF cables never can let the smoke and HCl disappear totally. However, where low smoke zero halogen cables are subject to strict standards, there are no standards governing LSF cables. JZD Wire&Cable did such verification. Once we bought 100 metre LSF cable in a B2B platform, then our technical person found to emission of HCl level approach to 30% while he did the burning test, so the LSF cables is impossible to reach the good performance of LSZH cable, compared with PVC cable, indeed it has a better property.



A fashionable application on solar cable

JZD Wire&Cable provides PV1-F solar cable with LSZH solar cable, hot sale in Australia and Israel. Now more and more families choose to install a solar panel in the roof of their house, solar enegery represents the most green and hot energy all over the world, becoming more and more fashionable. LSZH cable is very suitable to be used in the solar panel generating system, which decrease the possibility of breathing the poison gases in case of burn situation. Once there was a such accident happened in Australia Queensland region, in February, 2020, a solar panel device in a house burned because of too strong sun, the instant temperature reached at 200 degrees, the LSZH cable couldn't undertake such scare temperature, however the solar cable is LSZH cable with a perfect LSZH insulation materials, what we can say is that the LSZH cable saved the whole family, avoiding the tragedy happen.

Choosing LSZH cable 

Perhaps because the LSZH cable is more expensive than PVC cable, now many countries still insist on using the PVC cable instead of LSZH cable, however we still can find some exceptional example, such as the Britain.The building process standards and legislation of LSZH cable is not short in Britain. Seen on a official investigation document , with the more and more death cases where PVC cable was the main reason, in 2003 year PVC cables were subsequently banned by London Underground, then the whole Britain district joined in this campaign gradually.

As a leading city subway and school facility cable and wire manufacturer and supplier, JZD Wire&Cable has helped lots of city subway and school facilities to use the LSZH cables. About 4 years ago, we introduced our LSZH cable to many other countries and obtained plenty of approval and like, such as Australia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Israel and so on, Welcome to contact us actively and we will assign our technical team to analyse your require deeply and help you find the satisfied LSZH cable.


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