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Our H05V2-K Wire is Hot Sale in Africa and Australia

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 26,2021

As flexible cable expert and TOP 3 manufacturer and supplier in China, the H05V2-K is one of our most important product, what's more, our H05V2-K wire has the VDE certification which help us open the door to more potential overseas market, we have exported our H05V2-K to over 15 countries, such as Australia, Germany, France, Peru, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and Israel.

Benefit our excellent quality control management and advanced automobile production assembly line all the time, we have been the TOP3 wire and cable factory in China. On the other hand, now the infrastructure building has been more and more emerging in African countries, such as the constructing the train transport routine, networking project, transmission of electrical power, they have so many need on wire and cable include the most common used H05V2-K wire, we have a big customer in Zimbabwe, we started to contact her about 2 years ago, by coincidence in our company there is a colleague from Zimbabwe, he came in China for 6 years, when he graduated from a university in China, continued to work in here. Not long time later until he entered into our company, he met with such a good chance, by 2 months negotiations, finally we got the trust from our customer, until now that customer in Zimbabwe constantly will order the H05V2-K wire from our company, the H05V2-K wire mainly used in the city basement device building, because in Zimbabwe the country is trying to develop their economic condition by investing the city infrastructure building project, actually in Africa, there are many countries also have such huge need, such as the Congo Republic, Nigeria and so on.


Detail of H05V2-K wire

To help you know our H05V2-K better and more comprehensive, here there are need for us to list some important information you need before you deciding to send the inquire to us or other business intention.


Type H05V2-K
Standard IEC60227   VDE0285   BS6500
Nominal Voltage 300/500V    450/750V 
Quantity of Cores Single
Conductor Class 5 Fine Annealed Copper
Insulation Material Highly Heat Resistant PVC 
Insulation Colors Green  Yellow   Blue   

For 300/500V and 450/750V H05V2-K copper core PVC insulated flexible cable, below specifications listed in chart are available in our company, for any other technical require or suggestion, you can contact us and we will push our engineer to answer you.

Voltage Level (V) Nominal Section(mm2) Recommended Maximum Current(A) Reference Weight(kg/km)
300/500 0.3 10 6.2
0.4 11.7 8.0
0.5 13.3 9.0
0.75 17.0 12.2
1 20.0 14.8
450/750 1.5 25.4 21.6
2.5 34.5 34.0
4 44.5 50.0
6 58.3 75.0
10 79.5 132.0
16 111 197.0
25 146 289.0
35 180 380.0
50 225 549.0
70 280 754.0


VDE 0285 certified H05V2-K

VDE certified H05V2-K represent you are allowed to introduce your product to more widely market as well as usually is indicates your H05V2-K is the qualified to compete with other supplier and manufacturer. Although we have been the TOP 3 manufacturer for 10 years in China,  we didn't have VDE certification all the time, the situation changed several months ago, we got the VDE certification finally. In VDE 0285 standard, there are lots of test items and relative strict parameters your H05V2-K need reach at. For the copper conductor, VDE require the copper must be resistant to the oxygen in the air, because once the oxygen connect to the copper in H05V2-K, the efficiency of transmission will be decrease much. Secondly for the PVC insulation materials, cause the PVC is consist of a kind of halogen called as the chlorine, once met with the fire event, there will are many poison smoke that influence our heath, so in the process of applying the VED certification, we have got to promise that when the PVC insulation material we manufacture were fired, the specific poison smoke density must be less than 20%.


Application of H05V2-K wire

Our H05V2-K wire is designed for a widely usage range, besides due to the high quality control, our customers don't need worry about product installation difficulties and other aspects, so for the general application scenes where the ordinary H05V2-K can be used, our H05V2-K absolutely can do it. H05V2-K wire has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial power distribution, especially suitable for flexible installation places with strict requirements, such as electric control cabinets, distribution boxes, and various low-voltage electrical equipment. Besides the H05V2-K also can be used in wiring the switch, control devices, relay and other internal connections in electrical equipment and other expensive highly precise devices. By the way we also provide other cable, such as the H05VV-F, which is another hot sale wire in our product catalogue, welcome to contact us JZD Wire&Cable. 


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