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Regulations When Selecting the Cross Section of the Power Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 22,2022

1. What regulations should be followed when selecting the cross section of the power cable?

Answer: The selection of power cables should follow the following principles:

power cable, power armoured wire

(1) The rated voltage of the cable should be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation point;

(2) The continuous allowable current of the cable should be equal to or greater than the maximum continuous current of the power supply load;

(3) The cross-section of the wire core must meet the requirements of the stability of the power supply system when it is short-circuited;

(4) Check whether the voltage drop meets the requirements according to the length of the cable;

(5) The minimum short-circuit current at the end of the line should enable the protection device to operate reliably.

2. What are the advantages of XLPE cable compared to oil-paper cable?

Answer: (1) Easy to install because it allows a small minimum bending radius and light weight;

power wire,power cable

(2) Not subject to line drop restrictions;

(3) Good thermal performance, high allowable working temperature and large transmission capacity;

(4) The cable accessories are simple and all are dry structure;

(5) Simple operation and maintenance, no oil leakage problem;

(6) The price is lower;

(7) High reliability and low failure rate;

(8) The manufacturing process is few, the process is simple, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

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