Solar Cable and Automotive Battery Cable for Zimbabwe Distributor

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 15,2021

JZD Wire&Cable manufacturer provided 20,000 meters of solar PV cable and 4,000 meters of Automotive battery cable for Zimbabwe distributor and looking forward to continuing our next collaboration each other soon, of course we also hope can go to Zimbabwe by ourselves to talk about the business with our customer Mr. Justice Majaka face to face, because we have been eager to enter the whole Africa market .

Customer Background Introduce

Mr. Justice Majaka is a procurement manager and responsible for the purchasing of material for his company Voltman (Private) Limited, which located in Shop 3 George Square Mall, Kamfinsa, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe. Their business not only in Zimbabwe but also distribute in other countries in Africa and his company has been obtained excellent reputation since it's establishment, when we knew that, we felt so excited for building business relationship with such a excellent company in Zimbabwe.



Order Negotiation

Mr. Justice Majaka got in touch with us through our site. Our sale Miss Monica knew that he needed 6 mm2 solar PV cables, 10 mm2 solar power cables, and automotive battery cables. This customer indicated to us that he needed BV, TUV certificated solar PV cable, as for the automotive battery cable, there are no special require on certification. Because their imports into Zimbabwe will generate a lot of tariffs without these certificates, in particular for the solar power cable. Luckily, we have these certificates. After the customers confirm that we have the BV and TUV certificates, they learn more about our prices and specifications of the cables. Due to the epidemic, the customer could not come to the factory for inspection, we take a video about the real scene of the factory production for the customer. Customers have expressed their approval to us.




A few days later, Mr. Justice Majaka ordered 10,000 meters of 6 mm2 solar PV cable, 10,000 meters of 10 mm2 solar power cable, and 4,000 meters of automotive battery cable. When we received the deposit, we started the production at once and SGS represented our customer to inspect finished goods, although the inspection was very strict, we pass through smooth and eventually those goods were loaded into 2x40 HQ containers and shipped to the Zimbabwe port Victoria Falls

Products through the certificate not only represent the quality of the product, but the certificate is also the need for customs clearance in many countries including Zimbabwe. Different countries will have different certification requirements and our company pays high attention to certificates. We have TUV, CB, CE, BV, SAA, and other certifications. Thank you very much for the support of this customer.

Solar PV Cable Selection

Now the solar power cable has been more popular all over the world benefit from the rapid development of solar energy industry recently and there are lots of excellent solar PV cable manufacturer in China, of course still there are some solar power cable manufacturer or supplier without excellent quality control, for the buyer who wants to purchase in China, how to find a reliable manufacturer or supplier is a vital and tough thing. JZD Wire&Cable has manufactured the solar PV cable for 7 years and exported to Australia and other Latin American countries, such as Peru, besides we also manufacture the automotive battery cable and THHN cable. Contact us anytime if you have any need for any common used wire or cable.



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