Solar DC Wire Supplier Provided Photovoltaic Cable for Vietnamese Contractor

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 04,2021

Client Background Introduce

Mr. Duong is the chairman of a wholesaler and contractor company in Vietnam. They not only provide customers with many energy product solutions but also provide customers with solar system products such as cables and inverters. Solar dc wire can be most important service they can provide, they were expanding to  provide more photovoltaic cable for their important customers in Vietnam as well as other customers in Singapore, Thailand and other east southern Asian countries.



Order Negotiation

Actually the customer already had a stable cooperative supplier in China and indeed the supplier could provided stable quality solar dc wire. However the customer changed to us and maybe the reason why we can cooperate with this customer was that we could provide large-sized solar photovoltaic cables. This customer needed 70mm2 solar dc wire, but obviously, most manufacturers in the market provide solar cables below 10 mm2 including the supplier with whom our customer cooperated. And 4 mm2, 6 mm2 solar cables are the most demanded sizes in the market. However, as a Top 3 photovoltaic cable manufacturer and supplier in China, JZD Wire&Cable can provide single core and double core solar photovoltaic cables with sizes ranging from 1.5 mm2 to 95 mm2. What's more the solar dc wire we manufactured obtained the TUV certification, which is the most authoritative certification. In addition, we can also provide photovoltaic extension cables.    With negotiation we had was more deeper, the customer knew more about us, of course we more knew the real need of our customer, Mr. Duong asked his assistant to place an order for 70 mm2 solar dc wires from us and said they were actively considering purchase other specifications photovoltaic cable from us and we felt so excited when we knew such message.



Soon the production work was approaching, we contacted our customer and pushed them to have a booking so that we can load and ship to them while we finish the whole goods production. Benefit from the short distance between China and Vietnam, we got the booking confirmation soon and BV company was authorized to help inspecting the finished solar dc wire we manufactured, although at that day, some accidents happened, BV agreed with the pass of those finished photovoltaic cable we made and loaded into the 2x40 HQ containers and expected to arrive the Saigon port 10 days later.


Solar dc Wire Selection

Due to the insufficient power supply, in particular in solar and wind energy field, Vietnam is one of the most abundant regions in Southeast Asia. With the large support of government policies recently, the solar energy industry chain in Vietnam is in a period of rapid growth and there are large need of the solar photovoltaic cable in Vietnam. In Vietnam there are many excellent solar dc wire manufacturer and supplier with strong manufacturing ability, however China manufacturers have some particular advantages compared to them, in particular in solar dc wire production and development and supply chain ability. JZD Wire&Cable is a manufacturer that can provide customers with different needs. In addition, the photovoltaic cables we manufactured have been verified by TUV since we applied the TUV authorization successfully in 2019 year and we are a reliable supplier on solar dc wire and other wire and cable, especially our technical development and quality control as well as the deliver assurance and welcome to contact us for consulting the solar dc wire or other cables you are searching for and our technical persons will help you a lot.


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