Royal cord cable PVC Flexible Wire Shipped to Philippines Wholesaler

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 28,2021

Customer Background Introduce

The Chinese new year was coming and in general the holiday will continue about 2 weeks. For engineering project contractor buyers who plan to purchase in China and urgently need wires, as well as local wholesalers of wires and cables, they will place their orders before the coming Chinese New Year to ensure that they will have sufficient inventory during the Chinese New Year. A local Philippine supplier and wholesaler who has been cooperating with us for more than a year. He often purchases royal cord cable PVC flexible wire from us.

As far as we know, Royal cord cable or PVC flexible wire is one of the most frequently used multicore flexible cable in the Philippines, besides according to the inquires we had before, in Europe, also there are many need for this kinds of wire or cable. Of course, some local customers will call it service cord. The number of conductor cores commonly used is 2, 3, 4 cores, and the specification is 0.75 mm2, 3.5mm2, 5.5mm2, are often used. We can provide more specifications, besides as for some special wires or cables, which we can also customize for our customer once the request be asked by our any customers.

Order Negotiation

Our last shipment before the Spring Festival holiday was Mr. Nestor from the Philippines. This year before the Chinese New Year, he decided to place an order with us to ensure that he had enough PVC flexible wire to be sold in his store. Our sale Miss.Yvonne contacted him when knew Mr.Nestor had the plan to order again before festival. According to 3 days negotiation, he decided to order a total of 22 wooden barrel royal wire cables and PVC flexible wire with a total value of USD 80,000. Mr. Nestor always says: "because your price is better than the local factory or other suppliers in Philippines, however what's more the copper and PVC insulation quality of your royal wire cables and PVC flexible wire is better largely, so i prefer to collaborate with you, although there are not short distance between The China and The Philippines“  

The customer has been cooperating with us for more than 1 year since 2018 year. Thank you very much for Mr. Nestor's support and trust, we will ensure the quality of the product, and try our best to offer discounts within the reach of customers.


PVC Flexible Wire Selection

JZD Wire&Cable is a company with professional and responsible attitude, responsible for each customer, not only to provide high-quality products, but also quality service. In particular as for the wire or cable exported to overseas, definitely we will strengthen the quality control during the whole production process. We provide royal cord cable, PVC flexible wire, THHN wire, solar cable, power cable, and other common used wire or cable. Any questions and inquiries you can contact us anytime.


Mr. Nestor contacted us by Whatsapp and told that there was a engineer project in which the large quantities of PVC flexible wire needed and he considered to purchase from us again. Influenced by the pandemic, Mr.Nestro couldn't come to China by himself, however he has a friend who is able to help him to complete the order in China. Now our sale Miss.Yvonne is contact his friend actively and the PVC flexible wire he ordered will be produced soon. Thanks for support and trust from Mr.Nestro again and ensure the quality of finished goods is the best gift we could feedback to our customer.


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