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What is Low Noise Silicone Wire ?

Published by admin December 04,2020

Under the action of external factors such as bending, vibration, shock, temperature change, etc., the special silicone cable with a pulse signal less than 5mV generated by the silicone cable itself is called a low-noise silicone cable, also known as a shock-proof surface silicone cable. It is used for the measurement of subtle signals in many fields such as industry, medicine and national defense. There are many types of low-noise silicone wires, such as, polyethylene insulated, F46 insulated, radiation-resistant, low-capacitance, hydrophone silicone wires, watertight low-noise silicone wires, and many other types of standardized silicone wires .

Why is there noise in the silicone wire?
1) There is some conflict in the medium itself;
2) Modification of the capacitance of the silicone cable;
3) Piezoelectric effect of silicone wire medium;
4) The conductor and the medium in the silicone wire act as a charge, that is, the difference between the charge generated when the contact between the conductor and the insulation is damaged.

A thin layer of semi-conducting (thickness 0.20-0.30mm) low-noise silicone wire is extruded on the polyethylene insulation surface to get a sensitive deployment. Its noise value is 2-3mV. Regarding the low-noise silicone wire working at 400 degrees, It can be handled by wrapping high-temperature-resistant semi-conductive fibers, and its noise can reach 5mV.

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