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Precautions for Power Supply Wire and Cable Laying Construction in Winter

Published by Author: Joey Wan December 13,2021

Christmas is approaching, it is the middle of winter season, the temperature has been dropping sharply, the difficulty of power supply wire laying also increases, the following to share with you the matters needing attention in winter power supply wire including xlpe insulated power cable laying. Especially for most of northern Europe and North America, has entered the super cold stage, do not have power supply cable and wire laying conditions, if the construction period is tight, must be constructed, the power supply wire or cable must be heated slightly in advance, to avoid the outer sheath of xlpe insulated power cable due to the weather temperature is too low resulting in cracking.  


Power supply wires or cables are not suitable for laying and construction in winter when the temperature is below 0°C. If the temperature is below 0°C, the following points should be done:  

  • Storaging the power supply wires or cables in a storehouse that can keep warm at a certain level. Take them when you have need and lay the xlpe insulated power cable in the daytime when the temperature is higher.
  • It can be preheated by raising the ambient temperature of the power supply wire or cable. When the indoor temperature is 5-10 °C, it takes three days and nights;  A day and night at 25°C;  18 hours at 40°C.  Preheated xlpe insulated power cables should be laid within 1 hour.  
  • When laying the power supply wire or cable can not fall, hit, dead pull hard pull, otherwise the sheath is easy to crack, in the turning, slope and other places where force is easy to be added to the xlpe insulated power cable, it’s necessary to take certain protective measures, in some particular situation, with heating fans and other equipment in the turning and other easy to force evenly heating.  
  • If you are going to lay direct burial electrical wire, a protective layer can be laid in the xlpe insulated power cable trench in advance, such as cloth and foam.  If it is through the conduit or tube, it is necessary to ensure the smooth inside and outside of the tube in advance, so as not to scratch the power supply wire or cable. In particular for iron pipe, should pay attention to the purchase of qualified iron pipe, poor quality iron pipe pipe may have a lot of sharp convex points, is likely to scratch the xlpe insulated power cable sheath.  

In a word, in winter, whatever direct burial electrical wire or power supply cable in the conduit, laying construction work will become more difficult compared to the normal situation, and construction plans must be made in advance if the construction must be under 0°C to prevent xlpe insulated power cable damage and leave hidden dangers for the whole power supply circuit.  

XLPE Insulated Power Supply Wire Selection

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