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Comprehensive Comparison about Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant Wire Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 26,2021

With the progress of science and technology, social and economic development and the needs of human development, as the one of the most important industrial product, wire and cable products, people have higher and higher requirements for its flame retardant, fire resistance and fire prevention performance.  However many people including lots of buyers we met with can not distinguish the flame retardant cable, fire resistant cable and fire preventive cable.

Speaking of flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables, our preliminary judgment is related to "fire prevention", but if you are not very familiar with cables, you may not be able to distinguish what is flame-retardant cable and what is fire-resistant cable.

In general, fire-resistant cables can replace flame-retardant cables, but flame-retardant cables cannot replace fire-resistant cables. This article briefly introduces how to distinguish these three kinds of cables.  

The Difference in Principle

The principles of fire-resistant wire and flame retardant wires are different. The flame-retardant principle of halogen-containing cable is based on the flame-retardant effect of halogen, and the flame-retardant principle of halogen-free cable is to reduce the temperature of the water to extinguish the fire. Fire-resistant cables rely on the fire-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics of the mica material in the fire-resistant layer to ensure that the cable works normally even in a fire.



The Difference Between Structure and Material

The structure and materials of fire-resistant cables are different from those of flame retardant cables and wires. The basic structure of flame-retardant cables could be summarized into 3 points below:

1.The insulating layer is made of flame retardant materials

2.Flame-retardant materials are used for the sheath and outer sheath

3.The wrapping tape and filling are made of flame-retardant materials

Fire-resistant cables usually add a fire-resistant layer between the conductor and the insulating layer. Therefore, from the angle of theoretically, a fire-resistant layer can be added to the structure of the flame-retardant cable to form a flame-retardant wire or cable and fire-resistant cable. This is not necessary. Because of the fire-resistant layer of fire-resistant cables, multi-layer mica tapes are usually used to wrap the wires directly. It can withstand long-term combustion, even if the polymer at the place where the flame is applied is burned, it can ensure the normal operation of the line.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The flame-retardant cable and wire is burned. After the test fire source is removed, the flame spreads only within a limited range, and the residual flame or residual burn can be extinguished by itself within a limited time. In the event of a fire, it may be burned out and cannot be operated, but it can prevent the spread of the fire. In layman's terms, if a wire catches a fire, it can limit the combustion to a local area without spreading, and protect other equipment and avoid greater losses. Fire-resistant cable is a cable that can maintain safe operation for a certain period of time under flame burning. Fire-resistant cables are widely used in high-rise buildings, underground railways, underground streets, large power stations and important industrial and mining enterprises and other places related to fire safety and fire rescue, for example, power supply lines and control lines of emergency facilities such as fire fighting equipment and emergency guide lights.

Flame Retardant Wire and Cable Selection

Sometimes flame retardant, fire resistance and halogen-free low smoke performance will be integrated in a product, so that the performance of the product is superior, a wider range of application, so the difference between them is sometimes very big and sometimes there is no strict boundary.  

The above is the differences between flame retardant cable and wire and fire-resistant cable and wire summarized by JZD Wire&Cable manufactruer and supplier. Although the two are different in principle, structure and materials, their uses are similar, and they are quite good in terms of "fireproof" performance. If you are a buyer and wants to buy the flame retardant wire, don't hesitate to contact us Shenzhen JZD Wires & Cables Co., Ltd., a wire and cable manufacturer. Of course we have other wires and cables, such as solar cable, THHN cable and flexible multi core cable and so on.


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