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Everything About UL1007 Hook Up Wire

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 23,2021

UL1007 wire writes over the all specifications for single core PVC insulation wires and cables, in many countries, this wire always is called as the hook up wire, in case of thinking more a lot, this is a very suitable and vivid name. The application of UL1007 wire is very wide, in general, it is used in the inner connecting of electrical and electronic devices.



Talk to the detailed application of UL1007 wire, it covers many scenes, such as the Electric motors, transformers, switchboards, panels, rectifiers and electronic circuits. 

The UL1007 manufactured by JZD has voltage of 300V, of course you need the 600V, we can satisfy your require. The 300V UL1007 can undertake the 80 degrees highly temperature, what’s more our UL1007 is developed to used in all kinds of tough outer environment by testing it in our standard testing room. We only procure the superior PVC insulation materials instead of recyclable PVC plastic, so our UL1007 wire owns the ability for anti-wear, oil-proof, acid, and alkali resistant. In our testing process, we emphasize the the insulation thickness so much, for it, we imported a advanced high configuration testing machine from Japan, that ensure the outer diameters of UL1007 is same everywhere, that can help the electrician install UL1007 wire more easier and smoothly.

What is worth mentioning is that our UL1007 wire belongs to the UL certified product. UL758 Appliance Wiring Material admitted our UL1007 wire 3 months ago, passed UL VW-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical fire resistance test  and proved that we can manufacture the UL1007 wire with uniform insulation thickness. that definitely will help us to exploit more widely foreign markets, at last we also can try to provide the CSA standard certified hook up wire, cause Cananda is another market we don't want to quit all the time and we try to content to any require from our any potential customer.




Conductor Stranded tinned bare copper conductor
Insulation material Highly qualtiy PVC




JZD Product Number Gauge(AWG)
UL1007-30-HU 30
UL1007-28-HU 28
UL1007-26-HU 26
UL1007-24-HU 24
UL1007-22-HU 22
UL1007-20-HU 20
UL1007-18-HU 18
UL1007-16-HU 16




For UL1007 series wire, from AWG16 to AWG30, we all follow the UL758 standard.

1 Black
2 Blue
3 Yellow
4 Red
5 Brown
6 White
7 Grey
8 Orange
9 Green

In addition, the colors of UL1007 wire can be customized according to your specific require, for example, you want multi color UL1007 wire, you just need pick this thought out, we can try to satisfy your require as much as we can.



Below attached is the product chart we own now, although our UL1015 hasn't the qualification to export to other countries, it is necessary to discuss it with our UL1007 together a lot, on the other hand, maybe that can help you understand the UL1007 wire better.


JZD Product Number Gauge(AWG)
UL1015-28-HU2 28
UL1015-26-HU2 26
UL1015-24-HU2 24
UL1015-22-HU2 22
UL1015-20-HU2 20
UL1015-18-HU2 18
UL1015-16-HU2 16
UL1015-14-HU2 14
UL1015-12-HU2 12
UL1015-10-HU2 10


The specifications UL1015 own is from 10AWG to 28 AWG, total 10 different sizes compared to UL1007 with 8 different sizes from 16AWG to 30AWG. Second the rated temperature of UL1015 wire is 105 degrees, however the UL1007 only can reach at 80 degrees. Third the rated voltage of UL1015 hook up wire is 600V, double of UL1007 wire. Those belong to the technical parameters differences, apart from those, there are some other differences, such as UL1015 has more thick PVC insulation thickness.



JZD Wire&Cable is the leader on the UL1007 wire industry in China, belongs to TOP 3 company, what's more we tried to expand to our market to other countries, such as in The Philippines, we have built the long relationship with lots of local distributors and wholesales, apart from, we sold our many UL1007 wire to many regions in Australia. Please contact us for quote, usually not cost more than 2 hours or you can consult to us for any techinal problems.  



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