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Causes of cable line fire

Published by admin May 13,2021

From the point of view of the fire situation of the cable line, the reasons for the analysis of the cable fire are: one is caused by its own failure, and the other is caused by external reasons, that is, the fire source or fire comes from outside.

  • There is a problem with the cable itself

 One is the improper selection of cable materials and models, resulting in short service life, reduced insulation performance, interphase short circuits, and fire accidents.

The second is the wrong selection of the cable line section. When the load current is continuously passed for a long time, the heating temperature will exceed the allowable working temperature, which will accelerate the aging of the insulation and cause a fire in severe cases.

Third, the cable insulation is damaged. Due to mechanical damage, poor contact, etc., insulation aging or reaching the end of its life, or short-circuit failure will cause a fire.

  • Burning caused by external fire or heat.

One is the fire caused by combustible and combustible materials caused by open flame operations such as electric welding construction.

The second is that the combustible dust accumulated on the cable is ignited by high temperature.

The third is the failure of oil-filled electrical equipment and fuel injection and fire. Due to the vibration of the transformer protection device, the transformer caught fire and burned the cable line.

Fourth, the cable line caught fire in high temperature. For the turbine oil system of a power plant, if the oil leaks and encounters a high-temperature pipeline, it will cause a fire, which will ignite the cable line and burn the cable.

Fifth, the location of the cable erection direction is incorrect. For example, when erected near combustibles, oil and gas pipelines and buildings, etc., it is easy to burn the cable lines in the event of a fire.