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How to Extend The Service Life of Wires and Cables?

Published by admin November 26,2021

As we all know, wires and cables have a service life. The designed service life of power copper core wires is between 20 and 30 years. The design service life of telephone wire is 8 years, and the design life of network cables is within 10 years. Maybe it will not be bad, but we should pay attention.

How to protect the cable during use, so as to extend the life ?
According to the application situation and ambient temperature, the cable current carrying capacity should be selected reasonably. We should install the cable correctly and use a suitable bridge or protective sleeve. Avoid cables being exposed to the sun and high temperature environment and being bumped and squeezed by hard objects during operation. If the sheath is damaged, bandage it in time.

How to reasonably place outdoor cables?
Under the eaves, the cable only can be used when it is not directly exposed to the sun or ultra-high temperature to regulate the LAN cable.
The outer wall prevents direct sunlight from shining on the wall and artificial damage.
In the pipe (plastic or metal). For example, pay attention to the damage of plastic pipes and the heat conduction of metal pipes in the pipeline.
Laying this kind of environment directly in the underground cable trench is a small scale of manipulation.
The device of the cable trench should be checked regularly for dryness or wetness.
For underground pipelines, in order to facilitate the replacement of upgraded cables in the future and to block auxiliary pipelines from the external pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipelines are a better way but do not hope that the pipelines will be permanently boring, which will affect the cable varieties.