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XLPE Power Cable Flat Electric Cable of JZD Cable Approved by SAA Certification

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 15,2020

Reason for Applying for Certification

Australia's industry is developing rapidly, and there is more and more demand for building wires and cables on this large and rich continent.  We started our export business and as our Australian customers increased so much during latest 2 years, we decided to apply for the SAA certification which is a very vital for exporting their building cable or wire to Australia and eventually we applied for SAA certification successfully. Besides, in general for any electrical appliances to enter the whole of Australia, to pass the certification will be essential in some way. All specifications of XLPE cables from small to large manufactured by JZD Wire&Cable are proved to meet with SAA standards that on October 10th, 2020, XLPE power cable and flat electric cable passed the SAA certification.




Authorization Process

In whole, the process to apply for such SAA certification was smooth and that proven our sample quality as well as the working efficiency of administration authority SAA. In September 2020, our company began to apply for SAA certification, sending samples from 1x1.5mm2 to 4x300mm2+120mm2 E, and submitting an Australian safety application form. The organization tested from the conductor, to the insulation, to the sheath, and then the complete cable. The conductor tested the number of wire,the resistance in 20℃ and elongation at rupture. Regarding insulation, the main tested the tensile strength and the elongation at rupture before ageing and after ageing, and test the hot set, Insulation resistance constant at 20°C and 90°C, and insulation thickness. About the oversheath, tested the tensile strength and the elongation at rupture before ageing and after ageing, and the loss of mass,the pressure test at high temperature,the heat shock,the exudation of plastic izer,the minimum thickness. Finally, the complete cable is subjected to 4-hour high-voltage alternating current test, compatibility test, and single vertical cable burning propagation test. After different aspects of tests, our company XLPE cables have passed SAA certification.



Building Wire Types

There are lots of building cables in modern life. The building wire types mainly include the single core PVC insulated wire, multicore flexible PVC insulated and sheathed wire, flat electric cable, XLPE power cable, for the application, different building wire has different application field. XLPE power cable usually is used in high-rise buildings,subways,power stations and other important occasions. multicore flexible PVC insulated and sheathed wire is used in the fire alarm system and some weak current system. Flat electric cable are common used in Britain and Australia, New Zealand, the local persons usually use the building wire to connect the appliances and other equipment in their house. The SAA certification will largely help us to enter the Australia market and we are considering to add more building cable type into our SAA certification, because the Australia market is so attractive for us, include the New Zealand, where the SAA certification also be admitted, that also will help us to exploit this virgin market where we haven't sold any building cable and other cable or wire.

Building Cable Selection

People who works in the wire & cable industry know that it is difficult to make cables of small size and large size, but the XLPE power cables and flat electric cable manufactured by JZD Wire&Cable can quickly pass SAA certification, it's relying on high quality control and excellent supply chain. JZD cables provide you with safe and reliable products include building cable and solar cable, THHN cable and so on.



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