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Flexible pvc insulated armoured control cable

Flexible pvc insulated shielded instrument control cable

Professional production of all kinds of wire and cable, including control cable, if you need, please contact us

House wiring multicore technics ribbon flat cable

House wiring multicore twin and earth flat cable

Usually used for indoor decoration wire, engineering site power supply, electrical equipment and other occasions, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

battery copper ofo welding cable

2/0 flexible rubber welding cable

More than ten years of production experience, specializing in the manufacture of electric welding cable, to provide you with better service

Flexible Pvc Jacket Optic Fiber Network Cable

Flexible UTP and FTP Cat6 Optic Fiber Network Cable

Network Cable are networking hardware used to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect two or more computers to share printers, scanners etc. Different types of network cables, such as coaxial cable, optical fiber cable, and twisted pair cables, are used depending on the network's physical layer, topology, and size.

0.6/1KV PVC Sheathed Steel Tape Armoured Power Cables

0.6/1KV XLPE Insulated Steel Tape Armoured Power Cables

This cables including comon type , ,anti-flaming type ,abd fire-resistant type. This power cables suitable and designed for power transmission and distribution system of rated voltage 0.6/1kv.

4 Core 25mm2 Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Cable

4 Core 600 and 1000V Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Cable

The XLPE insulated power cable has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, strong environmental stress resistance, excellent electrical performance and strong chemical corrosion resistance. Lightweight and simple products are easy to use.

4 Core Power Cable Electric Wire Flexible Cable

4 Core 0.75/1.5/2.5/4mm Electric Wire Flexible Cable

4 Core 0.75/1.5/2.5/4mm Electric Wire Flexible Cable:Suitable for control signal transmission lines, electrical equipment, instruments, automation equipment, security burglar alarm systems, high-rise building intercom systems, home lighting cables

Low Voltage Solid Copper Single Core Cable

Low Voltage Copper Conductor Single Core Cable

Single core cable are made up of a single conductor covered by a PVC insulation. They are mainly used in power and lighting circuits, both domestic and commercial applications. They are also used in the internal wiring of appliances suitable for installation in conduits and trunking.

300/500V 3x2.5 mm Flexible Cable

300/500V 3 Core 2.5mm Flexible Cable

The Flexible cable is the most commonly used cable for weak current systems. The number of core wires is variable, two or more, and there is a PVC sheath on the outside. There is no special requirement for the arrangement between the core wires.

300V/500V Best Electrical Speaker Cable

300V/500V Wholesale Electrical Speaker Cable

IMake the best out of your speakers or bring new life into old ones with our fantastic range of speaker cable. Our carefully selected range makes it easy to find the right option for you.

450V/750V Best Copper Building Wire

450V/750V Hot selling Copper Building Wire

Building Wire most commonly known as branch circuit wiring in homes and businesses, these products carry electrical current to all external uses of power in a building or copper building wire.

Latest News
Canton Tower

Canton Tower

Canton Tower, also known as Guangzhou New TV Tower, is known as Xiaoman Waist or Water Snake Waist. It is located near the Chigang Tower in Haizh

Utp 23AWG 0.58mm Bare Copper Network Wire Cat6 Cable

Cat6 Cable ,through the research and design of our professional engineers, we can provide our customers with reliable utp cat6 cable.All our products are precision developed by engineers who meet industry standards.Our products have all kinds of different designs and sizes, and we make exquisite products that meet the customer's standards.
Product Details

We are the prominent organization of this domain engaged in offering a wide spectrum of Utp  Cat6  Cable. Our professionals bring forth an excellent range of UTP cable that is manufactured using premium quality material and latest techniques at our production unit. In addition, these UTP cable is built and developed adhering to industry standards. 

Specifications :

Cat6 UTP Cable,23 awg,bare copper,blue/Gray color,305m/roll, NT-C005A

Product Description:

1,Rated temperature:75

2,compied with Enhanced cat6 cabling specification TIA/EIA -568B

3,Bare solid copper conductor 23AWG

4,PE insulation

5,Twisted pairs and laid-up together

6,PVC jacket

7Product certification

8,suitable for horizontal wiring in local area network system

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  •  Flat wire With 2 Steel Elevator Cables Utp Cat6 Wire With 2 Steel Elevator Cables

    Elevator Cables provides overall electrical control with long suspension length and mechanical stress. Elevator cable for the use of steel cable core, can be used for long-range suspension use occasions.

  • 5 core 16mm2 Pvc Insulated XLPE 0.6/1kv Power Cable Pvc sheath copper unarmoured xlpe power cable

    power cable insulation layer is extruded plastic power cable. Commonly used plastics are PVC, PE and XLPE. The plastic cable is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and process, light in weight, easy to install and install, and free from the limitation of laying.

  • 600V Stranded Copper Cable Nylon Jacket THHN Building Wires 600V Copper Core PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket THHN Building Wires

    600V Building wire suitable for new work and in rewiring of existing raceways. Use in conduit, duct or EMT.Can be used in 75 degree wet locations and 90 degree dry.Flame and moisture resistant. Nylon jacket over thinner wall of PVC.  

  • RG6 Camera Wire 18AWG Copper Braid CCTV Cable RG6 Video Cables 18AWG Copper Braid CCTV Cable

     CCTV cable also called as  RG6 cable (RG6+2DC).RG6 Communication Coaxial Cable combined with a 18 AWG Power wires ( 2 twisted pairs).

  • 450 and 750V Copper Core Braided Shielded Control Flexible Cable 450 and 750v PVC Sheath Braided Shielded Control Flexible Cable

    Control cables are used for the current supply for any electric motor. In general, they have a green/yellow earth conductor in the outer layer of the twisted assembly. In order to avoid the spreading of occuring electromagnetic fields, we often produce control cables with tinned copper braiding.

  • Multicore 450/750V PVC insulated and sheath Armoured Control Cable Multicore Flame-retardant PVC insulated and sheath Armoured Control Cable

    PVC insulated steel wire armored or steel belt armored PVC sheathed mining control cable, laid indoors, in cable trenches, pipes, shafts and underground, can withstand certain tensile and mechanical external forces. 

  • 2 core 1.5mm Audio Wire Copper Conductor Speaker Cable 2 core 1.5mm Twin Copper Conductor Speaker Cable

    Speaker Cable all the cables are used for speaker ranges, home theater or audio system ,Used for connecting power amplifier and broadcasting systems, For transmitting the audio signals amplified by the amplifier

  • royal cord pvc copper flexible cable royal cord copper multicore flexible cable

    Professional production of all kinds of wire and cable, including flexible cable, if you need, please contact us

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