XLPE Cable

XLPE Insulation Armoured and Unarmoured Cable

JZD cable provides XLPE power cable or PVC power cable

Product Specification:
  • Brand : JZD cable
  • The max. operating temperature : 90℃
  • Rated voltage : 0.6/1KV
  • Standard : IEC60502, BS6346, GB/T12706
  • No.of core : 1~7 cores
  • Conductor : copper, aluminum
  • Insulation material : XLPE |`-+

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Product Details

XLPE Insulation cable has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, but also has the properties of flame retardant and non water-absorption and suitable for indoor, underground, tunnel, pipeline installation. Armored cables can bear mechanical pressure, while non-armored cables cannot bear mechanical pressure.

Product Description

1. The cable is manufactured by professional and precise equipment to ensure the low eccentricity of the wire and the uniform thickness to effectively prevent the current from penetrating the sheath and ensure the safety of electricity.

2. Pure copper core conductor, able to resist oxidation and high conductivity.

3.XLPE insulation and sheath, which is abrasion resistance, environmental stress resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance, frost resistance.


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