XLPE Cable/Orange Circular Cable
0.6/1KV XLPE and PVC Insulation Fire Rated Mica Cable

0.6/1KV XLPE and PVC Insulation Fire Rated Mica Cable

CU XLPE power cable 4X95mm2 is 4 cores pure copper conductor.

Product Decription
  • Brand : JZD Wire&Cable
  • Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China
  • Product Name : CU XLE Power Cable 4X95MM2
  • Rated voltage : 0.6/1KV
  • Model : Fire rated power mica cable
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Product Details

Fire rated power mica cable is made of XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed and Mica,the cable rated voltage 0.6/1 kv and designed for power transmission under normal working conditions, the cable can also safely operate for a certain period in case of fire.


1.Rated voltage 0.6/1KV. 

2.Under 750℃-1000℃, the cable can remain in normal condition for 3 hours.

3.Cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE)insulated and PVC sheathed.

4.Mica tape of this fire rated mica cable is a high-performance material with excellent high-temperature resistance and combustion resistance.


This cable is used for high-rise buildings,subways,power stations and other important occasions can be equipped with fire safety and firefighting lifesaving capacity.

Q&A of Mica Cable

Are you the manufacturer or trader of mica cable?

We JZD Wire&Cable are manufacturer focus on mica cable, solar cable and other cables production for 10 years with 150 employees and we have a excellent sale and service team and welcome to contact us by sending the inquiry or leave your messages online and our sale sisters will reply on as soon as possible.

How do you purchase the mica materials of mica cable?

We have excellent and long term cooperation relationship supplier who insist on supplying the best quality mica materials to us, so you don't need worry about it.

Have you ever sold your mica cable to any countries?

Yeah, we exported our mica cable to Australia and The Philippines and South Amercian and now we are going to expand to more countries.

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