MC4 Cable
4MM 6MM MC4 Solar Extension Cord with Connectors

4MM 6MM MC4 Solar Extension Cord with Connectors

JZD cable provides many types MC4 cable.

Product Decription
  • Brand : JZD Cable
  • Size : 4MM2, 6MM2, 8MM2, 10MM2
  • Waterproof : IP67
  • Certification : TUV
  • Operating Temperature : -40℃~+120℃
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Product Details

The solar extension cord is to install the MC4 connector to the two ends of the solar cable. The high quality of the photovoltaic cable and MC4 connectors to avoid the short service life of the entire solar system. The commonly used sizes are 4MM2, 6MM2, 8MM2, 10MM2.


Product Features 

Waterproof and anti-dust performance: MC4 connectors are equipped with a waterproof ring, the male connector and female connector can be firmly connected together.


The photovoltaic cable is a tinned copper conductor, XLPE insulation, and LSZH sheath, which is flame-retardant, chemical resistance and the working environment is -40~+120℃.
25-year long service life: Use high-quality connectors and photovoltaic cables to ensure longer service life.

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