1000V UL 10 AWG Solar PV Wire for Solar Systems

1000V UL 10 AWG Solar PV Wire for Solar Systems

JZD cable provides single core , 2 core solar cable, MC4 cable and other solar accessories.

Product Decription
  • Brand : JZD Cable
  • model number : single core 6awg cable
  • Meter/Roll : 100 meters/roll
  • Certification : TUV
  • Operating Temperature : -40℃ ~ +120℃

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Product Details

Solar PV wire is suitable for the rated voltage of 0.6/1000v. The professional photovoltaic cable is made according to the complex and changeable use environment of the solar power station. The solar cable can meet the placing and operation requirements of the station and is suitable for photovoltaic systems in homes, schools, hospitals, airports, farms, power stations, etc. Common UL size: 8 AWG, 10 AWG, 12 AWG, 14 AWG.

Product Features 

1. High and low-temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of the cable is different due to the different insulation and sheathing materials. The temperature resistance of photovoltaic cables is from -40℃—+ 120℃;
2. Adapt to large changes in temperature. Frequent changes in temperature and humidity have a direct impact on the insulation and sheath aging of materials. Photovoltaic cables are often used outdoors and should adapt to large temperature changes;
3. It can withstand the intensity of solar radiation to prevent the aging of the cable due to ultraviolet rays;
4. Chemical resistance, the cable will be suitable for photovoltaic power stations built-in special areas such as seasides and beaches;



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