British Twin and Earth Cable
Twin and Earth Cable 2.5 mm PVC insulated Electrical Flat Cables

Twin and Earth Cable 2.5 mm PVC insulated Electrical Flat Cables

Flat twin and earth cable 2.5mm consist of PVC insulation and 2 colors wire and bare copper, which is popular in Britain and majority of  the British Commonwealth(of Nations) countries.            

Product Decription
  • Input Power : 45W±10%
  • Operating Voltage : 300V/500V
  • Luminous Flux : L/10000LM,H/10000LM
  • Color Temperature : 6500K
  • Operating Life : >30000hrs
  • Operating Temperature : -40℃~+80℃
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BS6004 Flat Twin and Earth Cable

Flat twin and earth cable 2.5mm belong to 6042y cable and BS6004 rules the construction of British twin and earth cable. There are PVC insulated layer and 3 conductors including two core wire(colors usually are brown and blue) and one smaller size with bare copper wire, which is popular in Britain and majority of  the British Commonwealth(of Nations) countries, besides some African countries also like to purchase such British standard cable

Twin and earth 2.5mm, 6mm twin and earth, 10 twin and earth, 1.5mm twin and earth belong to the most common used size according to the constant feedback from our customer in the past 3 years.

Customer case share

2*2.5mm²+1.5mm² and 2*1.5mm²+1mm² both belong to common used size, for example our customer from Antigua and Barbuda had purchased 800 rolls (100 meters per roll) on 16th,December, 2021 year before the coming Christmas.


Flat twin and earth cable has lots of application field including hotel and house wiring, construction building cable laying,  industrial circuit installation and other application places.


 Product Description  


Pure Copper Conductor to Ensure Conductivity.
The Insulation is Even to Prevent Breakdown.

This is The British Standard, Providing Wires for Many Countries in The UK and Africa.



  • Are you wholesaler or manufacturer?

We are manufacturer with 18 years experiences on flat twin and earth cable and wire. Apart from the 6242y cable in the BS6004 standard, we also produce the SAA certificated australia standard flat cable, which has been in hot sale in Australia and other countries close to Australia, such as The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand.

  • Can we require that you mark our logo in the wire or cable?

No problem, we are glad to do the OEM for the local powerful brand company or electric wire wholesalers all over the world, for example we have been doing power cable and wire OEM service for a powerful wholesaler company ranked in TOP3 in Queensland, Australia.

  • Before we order officially, because we wanna check the quality, can we have the sample?

Free sample is available here, we can send the sample within 2 weeks once you confirm the flat twin and earth cable or wire specification you want, however you need still pay the express expense. 

  • Do you have any certification for your flat twin and earth cable 2.5mm or other sizes?

Yeah, we have the SAA certification for exporting to the Australia, besides we have the CE certification, that allow we sell our flat twin and earth 2.5mm including other sizes and other common used cable such as solar cable to any European countries.


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