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1000 Ft 12/2 Romex NMB Wire

1000 Ft 12/2 Romex NMB Wire

12/2 Romex NMB Wire

Product Decription
  • Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China
  • Length : 1000 Ft
  • Product : 12/2 Romex NMB Wire
  • MOQ : 1000M (sample is available)
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Product Details


Romex NMB Wire is mainly used for residential wiring for sockets, switches.

The working temperature is 90 degrees

12/2 Romex NMB Wire has a Yellow color-coded jacket.


Product Detail 

Conductor 99.9%  copper Conductors
Insulation PVC with nylon jacket
Jacket PVC
Number of Conductors 3
Package Length 1000 ft
Grounded Grounded
Number of Conductors 3
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Max Amps 20
Type 12/2 Romex NMB Wire
Voltage 600V
Features Heat Resistant,Jacketed




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