Cat6 Cable
High Speed 305M Pull Box Utp 23 Awg Cat6 Cable

High Speed 305M Pull Box Utp 23 Awg Cat6 Cable

JZD cable provides 305m cat5, cat6 cable and patch enternet cord

Product Decription
  • Brand : JZD cable
  • Type : cat6 / cat6e
  • Conductor : bare copper (or CCA )
  • Insulation : HDPE
  • Jacket : PVC/LSZH/PE
  • Standard : ANS/TIA/EIA-568B/ISO/IEC11801

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Product Details

305m UTP cat6 cable with a pull box is the commonly used engineering wire and the user can adjust the length according to the actual needs. This cable uses 23AWG single-core bare copper as conductor, PVC material as insulation, cat6 network cable is composed of 4 pair twisted cable and cross skeleton, the cross skeleton can be rotated according to the length of the change, which can effectively reduce Anti-interference. Cat 6 cables are faster, longer transmission distance, lower transmission loss, more wear-resistance, and more pressure resistance than cat 5 cables.


Product Parameter 

Model Name  Conductor







Package  Color 
    AWG (mm)  (mm)  20℃( ≤Ω/km)  (1000ft/roll)   
601  CAT6 UTP 24AWG 1/0.50 5.8 93 305m/box Optional
701  CAT6 UTP 24AWG 1/0.52 6 86.2 305m/box Optional
801  CAT6 UTP 23AWG 1/0.56 6.1 74.3 305m/box Optional
901  CAT6 UTP 23AWG 1/0.574 6.3 70.08 305m/box Optional
111  CAT6 UTP 23AWG 1/0.58 6.4 68.05 305m/box Optional
802  CAT6 F-UTP 23AWG 1/0.56 6.87 74.3 Wooden Roll Optional
902  CAT6 F-UTP 23AWG 1/0.574 7.6 70.08 Wooden Roll Optional
112  CAT6 F-UTP 23AWG 1/0.58 7.6 68.5 Wooden Roll Optional
803 CAT6 SFTP 23AWG 1/0.56 7.2 74.3 Wooden Roll Optional
903 CAT6 SFTP 23AWG 1/0.574 7.6 70.08 Wooden Roll Optional
113 CAT6 SFTP 23AWG 1/0.58 7.6 68.05 Wooden Roll Optional


Product Description 

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