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Why Thhn Cable is Becoming The Favorite of The Wiring System

Published by admin October 28,2020

THHN cable is PVC insulation and nylon jacket stranded electric cable, which is widely used in aircraft low-voltage cable, highway monitoring equipment cable installation, and highway inductor coil special wire and cable. Let’s analyze why THHN cable is the most popular product for engineers in wiring systems.



The THHN cable is extruded with a nylon sheath on the outside of PVC, which ensures the cable with wear resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance;

Compared with other materials, the nylon sheath of THHN cable is light and beautiful in appearance, it is environmentally friendly and harmless, with good natural lubricity and easy to wear during installation;

The nylon jacket of THHN cable makes the surface strength is high and it is not easy to be damaged. The service life is more than twice that of ordinary PVC insulated wires;



THHN cable is widely used in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. In these countries, this kind of nylon sheathed wire occupies more than 95% of the wiring market. JZD cable provides a large number of THHN cables for Southeast Asia and North America, which are used in hospitals, airports, energy installation systems, home decoration, and other projects. Moreover, THHN cable is the main product produced by our factory, which has advantages in product quality and price.