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Why Are The Wires Short-Circuited

Published by admin October 28,2020

Wire short circuits often happen in life. we will analyze for wire short circuits the main reasons from different aspects. If it can be avoided, we should try our best to avoid these situations to prevent wire and cable short circuits.

The main reasons for short circuits in wires & cables are as follows:

1. When the insulation of wire deteriorates or is affected by high temperature, humidity or corrosion and loses its insulation ability, it may cause a short circuit accident.

2. When the insulated wire is directly wound and hooked on the iron nail or wire, it is easy to damage the insulation and form a short circuit due to friction or rust and corrosion of the iron.

3. Due to improper installation or negligence in work, the insulation of electrical wire & cable may be mechanically damaged and short-circuited.

4. Due to the effects of overvoltages such as lightning strikes, the insulation of electrical equipment may be broken down to form a short circuit.

5. Because the rated voltage of the selected equipment is too low to meet the requirements of the work, it may break down and short-circuit.

6. Due to untimely maintenance, conductive dust fibers enter the electrical equipment, which may also cause a short circuit accident.

7. Due to lax management, small animals or growing plants may also cause short-circuit accidents.

8. In installation and inspection work, short circuit accidents may also be caused due to contact and operation errors.

These are the most important factors that cause short circuits in wires & cables. If we encounter short circuits in wires, we can consider the above aspects. At the same time, reliable wire and cable products should be selected in the engineering construction. JZD cable factory specializes in wires and cables with 20 years of experience, providing products for 1000+ engineering projects around the world.