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What To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Household Electrical PVC Wires?

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 05,2022

What to pay attention to when purchasing household electrical PVC wires?

Many homeowners will choose their own materials during decoration. If they choose decoration materials, they must buy all the materials used in the decoration process. The first material to buy must have wires. What should I pay attention to when purchasing household wires? People who buy wires for the first time , don't know what wire to buy.

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1. What to pay attention to when purchasing household electrical PVC  wires

1. Length

For example, the number of meters marked on the wire you bought is 100 meters, but some profiteers have underestimated 10 meters. For example, after 30 meters, start to mark 40 meters, and look at its length when buying.

2. Wire diameter

For example, the 2.5 square BV wire, commonly known as copper single, is a copper wire of one wire. Why is it called 2.5 square? It is because the copper wire cross-sectional area of ​​this wire is 2.5 square millimeters. The diameter of the copper wire of the 2.5 square BV wire is 1.78mm.

3. Copper quality

Real red copper is a reddish color, while brass is yellowish. In addition, copper is very soft, and brass is hard. As long as you don't buy copper-clad aluminum (aluminum, but a layer of copper is plated on the outside, generally used in flexible wires), brass is not too fake at present, but you should pay special attention.

4. PVC material

No one makes standard copper wire and cuts corners on PVC. Because a ton of PVC is good but only 8,000 yuan. A ton of copper costs 59,000 yuan. Therefore, we can cut corners on many copper materials.

5. CCC certification mark

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The wire must have the CCC certification mark, and the wire and cable products are national compulsory safety certification products. The manufacturer must obtain the "CCC" certification certified by the China Electrical Product Certification Commission, obtain the "CCC" certification mark, and have "CCC" on the certificate or product. "Certification mark. Wires are related to the safety of electricity use. The quality of the wires will affect our life and property safety. We must choose products with the CCC certification mark.

6. Product certificate

The wire product qualification certificate will clearly print the "CCC" certification mark, rated voltage, length, inspection, date of manufacture, trademark, model specification, implementation standard, factory name, factory address, telephone number, etc. Consistent, these will be the products produced by regular manufacturers, and everyone should see it clearly when purchasing.

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