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What should we do if the flexible cable has lumps?

Published by Author: Joey Wan April 16,2021

What lumps occur when the flexible cables are extruded?
1. After slicing, it is found that there is cooked glue inside the lumps, plastic lumps caused by poor plasticization.
2. There are small crystal spots and small particles on the surface of the plastic layer, and the lumps produced by the resin during the plasticization process are distributed around the surface of the plastic layer.
3. There are impurities and lumps on the surface of the plastic, and there are impurities in the lumps of the slice.
4. There is scorch on the surface of the plastic layer, and the bumps produced by scorch are especially reflected on the surface of the glue joint.

 What is the cause of the bumps when the flexible cables is extruded?
1. After the glue is injected, it is deteriorated and scorched, and the mold pressing cover is not pressed tightly.
2. It is extruded without being completely plasticized, the quality of the plastic is poor, and there are resins that are difficult to plasticize.
3. The plastic is extruded from the die before it is plasticized, due to the low-temperature control.
4. Cause scorch, resulting in a scorching lump, and the temperature control is super high.
5. Some impurities are added into the hopper when feeding, causing impurity lumps.

What is the way to eliminate the squeezing of flexible cables?
1. When resin lumps and poor plasticization lumps occur, increase the temperature appropriately or reduce the screw and traction speed.
2. The temperature of the bumps caused by the plastic itself should be increased appropriately.
3. If the temperature is too high, the temperature should be lowered appropriately. If the effect is not good, the head and screw should be cleaned immediately to remove the scorch.
4. Strictly check whether there is debris in the plastic when feeding. Do not add other debris into the hopper when feeding. If impurities are found, immediately clean the machine head and run off the glue in the screw.


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