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What is The TPS Cable

Published by admin October 28,2020

TPS cable is an Australian standard 2 or 3 core flat cable. It is suitable for equipment with AC rated voltage of 300/500V and below. The flat structure is especially suitable for frequent bending occasions. It is not kinked and folds neatly. The TPS cable is suitable for electrical connection between electrical equipment in harsh environments such as household wiring, power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry, and ports.

Wires & cables vary in size from country to country. In Australia, engineering project usually occupies a large area. The 3 core flat cable used in Australia is generally used with a yellow-green ground wire in the middle, also called TPS cable. In Europe or Africa, a bare copper wire is usually used in the middle. The Tps cable of JZD cable has been certified by the Australian SAA, and all standards such as conductor , insulation size and others are in compliance with the Australian region.

The most important factor affecting wire and cable is the conductor. TPS cable usually uses copper conductors, so the conductor should be pure copper with a smooth surface. The TPS cable has low resistivity, high conductivity, is not easy to heat up, and is safer to use. Therefore, in the selection of suppliers, certification is required, and the quality of the product is confirmed before place the order.


JZD cable is a professional wire and cable manufacturer with 20 years of production experience, providing wires and cables for 1000+ projects in Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and other regions. Among them, the most exported wire and cable to Australia is TPS cable.