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What is The Flame-Retardant Cable?

Published by admin December 04,2020

With the complexity of modern building forms, the safety of building electricity is relatively improved. Wires and cables are flammability and once they are burned, which will spread to other parts of the wires and cables. We should choose the flame retardant cable in residential buildings, factories, or where you need to pay attention to the safe use of electricity because flame-retardant cables are the wires and cables fire-proof standards.



What is the flame-retardant cable?
The flame-retardant cable generally is XLPE insulated, LSZH sheathed(or mid-range or top-grade PVC sheath). Generally, the polyethylene material is transformed into cross-linked polyethylene through characteristic irradiation processing, which is a physical method, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with high efficiency and good controllability. The flame retardant cable should meet the requirements of GB/T12706-2008 and GB/T19666-2005, and the Photospermeability should be greater than or equal to 60%. It is environmentally friendly and conforms to the current construction trend.

What are the advantages of flame-retardant cable?
1. The tensile strength is greater than that of ordinary PVC wires
2. Has good weather resistance
3. Have good softness
4. Has non-migration
5. No toxic black smoke will be produced when burning (a small amount of white smoke will be produced)
6. Has a high volume resistivity
7. Has good high-pressure resistance
8. Has good elasticity and viscosity

What should I pay attention to when using flame-retardant cables?
1. Do not arrange flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant cables side by side on the same channel.
2. When the number of cables to be laid is less, fire-resistant paint or tape can be applied to the cables or the cables can be put through fire-resistant pipes. When the number of cables to be laid is more on the same channel, it is best to lay them in a refractory tank. It is best to choose a breathable power cable,  semi-enclosed cables can be used in an environment without flammable dust,
and the power cables should be in a vented type. In an environment without flammable dust, they can be semi-enclosed. The cable protection section on the bridge is not long, the flame retardant package can also be used. When the protection section of the cable laid on the bridge is not a long time, the fire-resistant package can also be used.
 3. In the event of a fire, some places or circuits that need a certain period of time to maintain electricity during the fire, the exposed cables should be equipped with fire-resistant protective equipment or use fire-resistant cables.



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