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The Stranded Wire and Cable

Published by admin November 25,2020

In the production of wire and cable, stranded wire is an important production of bare wires and insulated wires and cables, and is a basic process widely used in wire and cable production technology. Therefore, the quality of the stranded conductor is extremely critical to wire and cable. The quality of the stranded wire and cable is mainly related to the production process, equipment, and the stranding process parameters.


The Purpose of Stranded Wire and Cable


1. When using a single conductor, which is solid,it will bring greater difficulties in production, packaging, transportation, installation, laying, and use. Beside,due to the large cross-section of a single wire, the large eddy current loss affects the transmission effec;
2.Stranded wire can ensure a certain section in electrical properties and a certain degree of flexibility in mechanical properties.


Advantages of Stranded Wire and Cable


Advantages of twisted wire: good flexibility, good stability, high compressive strength.


Classification and Use of Stranded Wire and Cable


Aluminum stranded wire: It has the advantages of light conductor and good conductivity. It is applied to the distribution lines of overhead power lines with small forces.
Solid copper stranded wire: It has the advantages of superior electrical performance. Wire and cable used for overhead power transmission.
Bare copper flexible stranded wire: The strands are normally twisted, bundled, untwisted, or twisted and then twisted according to regular twisting. Used to connect motors and electrical equipment components.
Copper braided wire: It has the characteristics of soft wire. It is used in the connection wire of mobile electrical equipment, and also used in the connection of automobile and tractor batteries.
Conductive core: Most of the power cables are insulated with oil-impregnated paper and plastic. Solid conductor: used for marine cables, power cables, etc.; hardwire conductor: used for mining cables, rubber-sheathed cables, etc.; special soft conductor: use frequently moving wire and cable cores and conductive wires and cables with special requirements.


Stranded Wire and Cable Equipment

Including cage stranding machine, disc stranding machine, fork stranding machine, frame type stranding machine, tubular stranding machine, beaming machine, etc.

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