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Onshore and Offshore Market RMB Exchange Rate Rose Above 6.67 and 6.66

Published by admin November 25,2020

On October 21, the exchange rate of the RMB against the U.S. dollar reached a new height in two years in both the onshore and offshore markets.

The rise in the RMB exchange rate will also cause the price of wires and cables purchased by foreign customers in China to rise. Recently, some customers who are ready to pay feedback on our wires and cables has increased in the confirmation price. In fact, the JZD cable factory offers some discounts, but it cannot compensate for the price increase caused by the rise in the RMB exchange rate.

Therefore, if you need to purchase urgently needed wires and cables(or other products) in China, you can place an order as soon as possible. At present, it is difficult to return to the level of 7.