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The Methods to Purchase Armoured Power Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 24,2021

JZD Wire&Cable is a advanced galvanized steel wire armoured power cable and steel taped armoured power cable supplier and manufacturer with 20 years industry experiences offering a comprehensive range of long-time use and hard-wearing Low Voltage armoured manufactured under the European and International standards(CE certification and IEC certification) and specifications requires.



The armoured power cable we provide include low voltage SWA galvanized steel wire armour and steel taped armour. There are 2 core cable, 3 core cable, 4 core cable, 5 core cable and all sizes of these widely used armoured power cables with current ratings up to 1kv. What it worth saying is that armoured power cables are available with both copper and aluminium conductors in general, finally it depends on our customer require.

The function of armour

Maybe someone think the armour materials can against the bad condition, however the truth is the armour only provides additional protection where mechanical pressures has the potential to bring harm to the power cable, such as direct burial, outdoors or underground. Compared to the ordinary PVC cable, the armoured cable has lots of advantages. The armour also enables the cable to withstand higher pulling loads. Talk about this point, one thing must be referred, we have got to remember that the armour not provides any protection relative to climatic conditions, such as meeting with the extremely frozen weather.

Armoured power cables are often referred to as steel wire armoured power cables, SWA cable instead of the steel taped armoured power cable, STA cable, to source the reason, some points could be illustrated here. The steel wire armoured materials are more stable than taped materials, what’s more the taped armoured materials are more difficult to be processed in the production, the steel wire armour materials are easier to be made, so the price of steel wire armoured power cable is less expensive than steel taped power cable, so the trend is the buyer more and more likes to purchase the steel wire armoured power cable.


In general, the construction of an steel taped armoured cable or steel wire armored cable consist of six parts below:

Conductor materials: plain annealed stranded copper or aluminium, in the power cable, sometimes the aluminum is also encouraged to be used, the performance is enough and the price is less expensive than copper conductor.

Insulation materials: the most common used materials for insulation is cross-linked polyethylene (we more usually use the contraction XLPE to refer to it) can resist to extremely high temperature condition and perfect dielectric power- XLPE can improve the electrical properties of armoured cable largely.

PVC Bedding: bedding is a vivid description. Actually it is just a layer to form a protective barrier between the insulation and the armoured materials, in some way PVC bedding design can help armoured cable to prevent the moisture or acids efficiently.

Armour layer: a steel tape or steel wire armoured layer provides mechanical guard to strengthen the ability of power cable to undertake the mechanical pressures once the power cable is installed in extremely condition and armour layer also could be regarded as the most important part as for the product expectation.

Sheath layer: Sheath layer belong to the most common and visible part in power cable. As for as the customers JZD Wire&Cable met with in the past, sometimes some customers would describe sheath as the jacket. each composed parts of the cable are held tightly together by a jacket offering a further level of protection, cause the power cable usually are used in most of extremely badly conditions. Black sheaths can be carbon-loaded for UV stability, because in some regions, sometimes the ultraviolet will be very strong, black jacket can help the cable absorb too much sun energy, otherwise it will be much harmful to power cable.

Rated voltage: voltage ratings of 600/1000V, 6.35/11kV and 19/33kV, JZD Wire&Cable provides the 600/1000V to our customers, as for the other rated voltages specifications, we can make it, however we need discuss more deeply for further knowing your require.




Armoured cable construction of JZD Wire&Cable

The construction of our various types of armoured cable (US spelling armored cable) differs according to their intended application and may also include steel tapes, protective screens and materials suited specifically to the installation conditions. We offer a comprehensive range of IEC standard armoured power cables, manufactured in accordance with a number of European and International standards including IEC 60502 and CE standard(for single core armoured power cables).

JZD Wire&Cable' range of armoured power cable is available with a Stranded Copper (Cu) or Stranded Aluminium (Al) conductor and with a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) (what we need emphasize is that we don’t usually provide this sheath)or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket, LSZH sheathings are recommended for being used in high density enclosed areas, and are obliged in some particular public places, like the city central plaza or cinema.


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