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Jianzhenda's Nylon Cables Thhn And Thwn-2 Have Passed Ul83 Certification

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 25,2022

Jianzhenda's nylon cable has two models, one is thhn and the other is thwn, and the best-selling one is thhn. Because the demand for thhn in the Philippines is very large, all kinds of electronic equipment in the Philippines are imported, and almost all of their electronic products and building facilities are connected by thhn cables, so thhn is very famous in the Philippines.thhn electrical wire

However, smart businessmen want to take a share of the Philippine market. Americans rely on superb design craftsmanship and also need to customize various products in Chinese factories and ship them to the United States to be sold all over the world. It can be seen that many American businessmen are doing cross-border business, and they are also targeting the Philippine market.

Client needs

For distributors in the United States and Canada, it is an unkind behavior to sell a three-no product, so UL83 certification is required for various parts of the product, especially the internal wiring of the equipment and the electrical design. Because Americans' basic requirements for product quality and safety are UL standards, they dare to use them, and electronic products must be UL83 certified before they can be sold normally. And there are almost no manufacturers of thhn cables certified by UL83. We also received a lot of customers who inquired about thhn cables that go through UL83 and added WeChat, after a long time, we have accumulated many customers who need thhn cables that go through UL83 certification.

Start doing UL83 certification

Our boss also felt that the market was huge, and decided to pass the UL83 certification for two models of the company's nylon cables, and began to plan the product materials to be submitted to the testing agency and accepted the staff of the testing and certification agency to audit the factory.

thhn electrical wire

UL83 certification process

In the process of doing UL83 certification, we also received a lot of inquiries from customers, so our leaders gave orders to the person in charge of production to speed up the completion of UL83 certification, requiring efforts to check every production technology of THHN cable production, with the highest The quality is determined to pass the UL83 test at one time, and the requirements for technical engineers have been increased. Our technical engineers are also very cooperative, and have communicated with the personnel of the UL testing agency for many times to produce THHN cables according to the UL83 standard, including purchasing raw materials. Certification control, after everyone's joint efforts, we have produced the thhn cable according to the UL83 standard, and sent it to the UL testing agency according to the address of the UL testing agency. The next step is to wait for the result, and the personnel of the testing agency will reply to us, about 2 months The results are left and right.

UL83 certified

After 2 months, in late August 2022, we finally received a notice from the UL testing agency, informing us that our nylon cables have all passed and completed the UL83 standard testing; and sent a notice in PDF format and Certification certificate. So our company held a big celebration.

Notify customers that we have completed UL83 certification

After going to work the next day, our marketing staff notified customers who had inquired about UL83 certified thhn cables before, telling them that we had obtained UL83 certification, and the UL83 certification of all models of our nylon cables had arrived. With UL83 certification, our nylon cables can meet the basic requirements of quality and safety in the United States and Canada, and customers can rest assured that they can get the goods and sell them to the United States, Canada and the Philippines and other markets.

After receiving the notice, customers also issued purchase and sales contracts one after another, with various specifications, 12awg and 8awg, etc. Among them, the most ordered thhn cables are 10 AWG and 14 AWG specifications. We have received deposits from different clients.

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