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Is XLPE Cable Fire Rated

Published by admin November 25,2020

What is XLPE cable ?
XLPE is an advanced form of polyethylene material. The physical and chemical properties have been greatly improved. Compared with PE and PVC insulating materials, it has significantly improved its heat resistance level.
Advantages of xlpe cable
1. It has light weight, good heat resistance, improved resistance to environmental stress cracking and heat aging; long-term working temperature can reach 125℃ and 150℃, short-term withstand temperature can reach 250℃;
2. Chemical stability and solvent resistance, which can prevent corrosion when buried underneath for a long time or in harsh environments;
3. XLPE insulated wires and cables have excellent machinery and can be used in a variety of electrical appliances and inside the machine. The cables have the characteristics of waterproof and radiation resistance.

What is Fire Rated Cable?
Fire Rated Cable generally consists of conductor materials, mica tape, insulating materials, and auxiliary materials. Among them, mica tape is a refractory insulating material with excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance. Generally, synthetic mica tape is used for fire-resistant power cables. Its main feature is high heat resistance and can reach Class A fire resistance (950-1000°C). The insulation material of Fire Rated Cable generally chooses PVC, PE, or XLPE, but the performance of PE and XLPE will be better than PVC. In addition, some Fire Rated Cables also have fillers as auxiliary materials, based on the principle of minimal residues after combustion.

Is xlpe cable fire rated?
In summary, XLPE cable has good heat resistance, but if you want to have a fire rating, you need to add mica tape to achieve the fire rating.


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