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XLPE VS PVC Cable and Fire Rated

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 26,2020

This article will discuss 2 critical problems, firstly XLPE cable is the fire rated cable? then we need clarify XLPE VS PVC cable to distinguish the differences between them. If you are buyer or wholesaler overseas, it will help your procurement plan a lot or any questions else, you can contact us anytime.


What is XLPE cable ?
XLPE is an advanced form of polyethylene material. Compared with PE and PVC insulating materials, the physical and chemical properties of XLPE insulation material have been greatly improved, mainly it has significantly improved its heat resistance ability, once met with some extremely condition, XLPE cable can undertake for long time and avoiding to be damaged by the outer environment.

Advantages of XLPE cable

  • It has light weight, good heat resistance, improved resistance to environmental stress cracking and heat aging; long-term working temperature can reach 125℃ and 150℃, short-term withstand temperature can reach 250℃;

  • Chemical stability and solvent resistance, which can prevent corrosion when buried underneath for a long time or in harsh environments;

  • XLPE insulated wires and cables have excellent machinery and can be used in a variety of electrical appliances and inside the machine. The cables have the characteristics of waterproof and radiation resistance.

What is Fire Rated Cable?
Fire Rated Cable generally consists of conductor materials, mica tape, insulating materials, and auxiliary materials. Among them, mica tape is a refractory insulating material with excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance. Generally, synthetic mica tape is used for fire-resistant power cables. Its main feature is high heat resistance and can reach Class A fire resistance (950-1000°C). The insulation material of Fire Rated Cable generally chooses PVC, PE, or XLPE, but the performance of PE and XLPE will be better than PVC. In addition, some Fire Rated Cables also have fillers as auxiliary materials, based on the principle of minimal residues after combustion. Maybe some buyers will have such a question in their heart for long time, Is xlpe cable fire rated?  In summary, XLPE cable has good heat resistance, ordinary xlpe cable don't have the ability to continue the normal circuit operation when met with a fire event or other bad situation. If you want to have a fire rating, added mica tape can help you to achieve the fire rating target.



Compared to the XLPE cable, perhaps many buyers are more familiar to the PVC cable, taking one PVC cable we manufactured and exported to Peru to illustrate this problem. Our 0.6/1KV armoured cable is a low-voltage cable that is PVC insulated and sheathed, wrapped with a layer of steel tape to protect the copper core, which is used to protect the cable from damage by external mechanical forces. Besides the cable can be laid indoors, tunnels, cable trenches and straight buried in the soil, the cable can withstand pressure and other external forces. However in general our XLPE cable also can have such function, but usually the buyers will prefer to purchase the PVC cable, why? Actually the XLPE material is more expensive than PVC cable, when manufacturer introduce the XLPE cable to purchaser, because the higher price, if our purchaser is going to use the cable for a normal usage, the PVC cable is a more profitable choice.


XLPE cable and PVC cable selection

JZD Wire&Cable is a manufacturer with 20 years of production experience, providing XLPE cable, PVC cable, fire rated cable, solar cable, THHN cable and other cables for more than 1,000 projects around the world, such as we have exported to the Australia, collaborated with 10 wholesalers in The Philippines. XLPE VS PVC cable, cause of the increased inquiry for the XLPE cable, we are adding the invest on XLPE cable improvement and production yield to content to more wholesalers or project contractors who have more require on quality and deliver time.


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