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How To Choose Copper Core Wire For Interior Decoration? Wire Purchase Strategy

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 05,2022

How to choose  PVC copper core wire for interior decoration? Wire purchase strategy

Copper core wire is a wire and cable with copper core as conductor and outer insulation material. It is a good conductive material and can be said to be the most frequently used wire at present. Let's talk with Xiaobian about how to choose copper core wires.

pvc insulated cable

1. The choice of the manufacturer.

Wire and cable belong to the "CCC" product of national compulsory certification, choose products with this mark. Look at the complete information such as the specifications, execution scales, rated voltage, length, date, factory name and address on the certificate of conformity, as well as the production license number and quality system certification; see whether the trademark, specification, voltage, etc. are printed on the wire.

2. Check the copper core wire size.

According to the relevant standards, the error of the length of the wire cannot exceed 2%, and the diameter of the section wire cannot exceed 0.02%.

3. Look at the color of the copper core.

Qualified copper core wire copper core should be purple, shiny and soft to the touch. The copper core of the fake and inferior copper core wire is purple-black, yellowish or white.

4. Selection of carrying capacity.

Calculated by electrical load, the current carrying capacity of the copper core wire of 1.5mm2 ~ 10mm2 is 5 times of the cross-sectional area, and the current carrying capacity of the copper core wire of 6mm2 ~ 25mm2 is 4 times the cross-sectional area; namely 1.5mm2, 4mm2, 10mm2 , 16mm2, 25mm2 copper core wires can withstand the safe current of 7.5A, 20A, 50A, 84A, 100A respectively.

pvc insulated cable

5. Select according to the use of electrical appliances.

mm2 copper core wire, BV or BVR4mm2 copper core wire for air conditioning wire, BVR 2.5mm2 copper core wire for Yuba wire, if possible, BVR 4mm2 copper core wire is the best choice.

6. Look at the insulating rubber.

The insulation layer of fake and inferior wires looks very thick, but in fact, most of them are made of recycled plastic. As long as you squeeze a little harder, the squeeze will turn white and powder will fall off. All wires should be passed through PVC conduits with flame retardant properties.

7. PVC Wire weight.

Good quality wires are generally within the specified weight range. For example, the commonly used plastic insulated single-strand copper core wire with a cross-sectional area of ​​1.5mm2 has a weight of 1.8-1.9kg per 100m.

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