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How Many Watts Is 1.5mm Wire Load Capacity?

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 12,2021


In the process of home improvement, the choice of wires is very important. The circuit installation in the home will have an important impact on the entire family life in the later period. Similarly, the circuit installation in the construction process also will have a profound impact on the later site operations. Today The editor will tell you how many watts the 1.5 mm wire load capacity is. I hope it can help you.



Firstly how many watts is the 1.5 mm wire load capacity?

1.5 square copper wire can withstand 3.3 kilowatts of load. First of all, we need to know that area = radius²×3.14. According to the international standard, 1 square wire can withstand 10A current. Then we need to consider the voltage parameter. For example, the civilian voltage in the United States is 110V , Then 1.5 square * 10A * 110V = 1650 watts; while in China, the civil voltage is 220V, then 1.5 square * 10A * 110V = 3300 watts, but according to experience, when the ambient temperature is 40 degrees, the maximum operating temperature of the core is 70 degrees , The current carrying capacity of the 1.5 square wire laid in the air is 15A, then we can calculate 1.5 mm wire load capacity: single-phase P=UI=110V*15A=1650 watts=1.65 kilowatts

In many cases, the bearing capacity of copper core wires must be calculated according to environmental needs. Take China as an example. The civil voltage is 220V. For example, the maximum allowable working current for open wire installation is 20A, which is 4400 watts. 3520 watts, PVC pipe concealed installation, the current is 14A, then the power is 3000 watts. When choosing home improvement wires, 13.5A is slightly larger, and 10A is conservative. Then it is more appropriate to choose 13A. The 1.5 mm wire load capacity is controlled at 2860W. Reasonable and safest.



Secondly, what are the precautions for buying wires?

1. When we buy wires, we must go to a regular manufacturer to buy regular wires. The manufacturer’s address and model number, certificate of conformity and other relevant documents are required. Only those documents are considered to be regular and good wires. Don’t Go to the factory to buy some loose wires, these wires are likely to be defective.

2. When buying wires, choose the copper core in the middle. The thicker the thicker the copper core, the better the quality. On the contrary, the quality may be worse, and there may be short-circuit problems later.

3. When connecting the wires, we should not only choose the wires, but also pay attention not to let the wires leak out when wiring.

4. If you need to install household wires, we can find professional personnel to help us buy wires. Different types of wires are installed in different places. It does not mean that every wire can cover the entire family. If you don’t understand it, You can find some reliable electricians to buy.

When choosing electricians, we must also pay attention to the qualifications of electricians. Many electricians have very poor skills. Everyone must be careful when choosing electricians.

Whether it is construction or home improvement, there are many benefits of choosing copper core wire. For example, the resistance of copper core wire is low, its electrical and thermal conductivity are much better than other wires, and the electrical loss is relatively low. Moreover, the copper core wire is also higher than other wires in terms of elasticity, and it is not easy to be broken. During use, due to corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, the service life is also long. The most important point is that the maximum safe current is higher than other wires.



The above is the relevant content and information about how many watts 1.5 mm wire load capacity is and how 1.5 mm wire load capacity is calculated provided by the editor from JZD Wire&Cable for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message at our site, and the editor will solve your problems in time. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of this issue through this article. If you want to know more, please pay more attention to and contact us and will try our best to answer .


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