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Fives ways to learn to choose high-quality wires and cables

Published by admin October 23,2020

Generally, for decoration, most people buy more expensive building materials.For wires and cables, because we all believe that the more expensive the building materials, the quality will better. Especially when buying electric wires and cables, the electrician suggested: “Buy them at a high price. If there is no problem in the future, you are not bad for the money.” The decorator followed the plumber’s advice, but the quality of the wires really let People want to cry!


Can I only rely on money to buy wires and cables? No, there are actually 5 tricks when selecting materials!

Look, smell, ask, cut, 5 ways to learn how to choose high-quality wires and cables:


01 Surface rubber, sheath

Smooth and round, uniform color, the insulating rubber and the copper core are tight and not easy to peel off. The inferior rubber looks thick, but when it is squeezed hard, the squeezed part will become white, which will easily fall off in the future, causing electric leakage.


02 Eccentricity

The thickness of the rubber is the same, and the copper core is in the middle of the wire, the eccentricity is lower, and the wires and cables is better.


03 Insulation

Cut the insulating layer diagonally and peel off the insulating layer to see if there is a large adhesion force, but the bad quality cable does not adhere.


04 Flame retardant

Use a lighter to burn the rubber. When the lighter leaves the wire, the wire should automatically extinguish and release a small amount of white smoke. If the flame spreads and release a large amount of white smoke, the rubber quality is not good.


05 Copper 

Use Magnetite to detect whether copper is added iron or use a piece of white paper to rub it on the copper core. If there are black substances on the white paper, it means that there are more impurities in the copper core. The tighter the copper core of the weak current cable, the better.


The cable TV line, telephone line and audio line can be selected to meet daily needs. You must use the best network cable. If the copper wire of the poor network cable is too thin, it will cause poor contact with the crystal head and easy disconnection. However, the more expensive the network cable is, the better. Civilian networks are not sensitive to interference, so there is no need to buy a shielded network cable.

As a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the production of wires and cables, we should pay attention to the materials and quality of the them. Instead of blindly pursuing big brands.