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Why Are Solar Photovoltaic Cables So Popular?

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 24,2022

The existence of solar photovoltaic cables, I believe everyone knows its importance. Our solar systems, including modern home heating systems, feature solar photovoltaic cables. Now let's take a look at our solar PV cables.

solar photovoltaic cable

The application of solar heating in my country is developing rapidly, and the energy saving effect is obvious. In the energy consumption structure of buildings, about 75% of the energy is used for building heating and hot water supply. Combining solar energy utilization with building energy-saving technology can reduce energy consumption and reduce the environmental pollution caused by energy consumption, which is an important way of building energy-saving.

In the utilization of solar energy, solar refrigeration and air conditioning is a very promising field, and it is also a hot spot in current refrigeration technology research. Solar cooling has the following three advantages:

1) energy saving;

2) environmental protection;

3) the supply of heat and the demand for cooling capacity can be highly matched in season and quantity, the stronger the solar radiation, the higher the temperature, and the greater the demand for cooling capacity .

Solar cooling can also be designed as a multi-energy system, making full use of waste heat, exhaust gas, natural gas and other energy sources.
Integrated Building Photovoltaic System (BIPV)

solar cable

In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, some utility companies use large central photovoltaic fields to increase their power, while others achieve this purpose by building small photovoltaic fields close to consumers.

Some photovoltaic array collector panels are arranged adjacent to the building, some are arranged on the roof, or simply integrated into the building envelope.

In this case, the building photovoltaic integrated system came into being, abbreviated as BIPV. Such BIPV photovoltaic devices can be used as special elements such as roofs, siding, curtain walls, glazing or awnings of buildings.

As a new field, the building photovoltaic integrated system has the following advantages:

1) It can reduce the cost of the electricity transmission process, which is sometimes as high as 50% of the total electricity price;

2) It can reduce the energy consumption of the electricity transmission process;

3) Avoid the

4) Part of the cost of the building envelope can be saved;

5) It can be combined with the building structure, which can save the support structure provided for the photovoltaic equipment;

6) The use of new buildings Envelope materials to realize their aesthetic potential;

7) to produce all or part of the electricity required by the building in a way that does not damage the environment.

Since the building optoelectronic integrated system has a series of advantages as mentioned above, and with the advancement of optoelectronic technology research and the decline in the price of optoelectronic equipment, more and more building surfaces will use optoelectronic cladding in the near future.

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