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Can THHN Wire Be Buried

Published by admin December 04,2020

THHN wire is a commonly used building cable. This wire is the most demanded by customers in the Philippines. Can this wire be buried directly? Today we will discuss in detail.

What wires can be buried directly?
1. Cables laid in the ground should be armored cables with outer sheath. In places where there is no mechanical damage, unarmored plastic sheathed cables can also be used. Steel wire armored cables should be used in soils that may be displaced in quicksand layers and backfilled land belts.
2. In the soil corroded by chemical corrosion or stray current, the cable shall not be directly buried in the ground.
3. When the cable is buried directly outdoors, the depth of the cable sheath to the ground should not be less than 0.7m, and 100mm thick fine sand or soft soil should be evenly laid on the upper and lower sides of the cable, and covered with a concrete protection board or similar protection Floor. In cold areas, cables should be buried below frozen soil to prevent cables from being damaged.

Can THHN wire be buried directly?
1. THHN wire is completely wrapped in a sturdy plastic sheath outside of the PVC sheath. This kind of structure can protect each wire from the influence of other wires, and at the same time, it helps prevent damage to the wire and cable due to moisture.
2. The PVC insulation material and nylon sheath of THHN wire have certain standards, and it is necessary to prevent the corrosion caused by the chemical substances that are buried underneath.
3. THHN wire is compression resistance that can be directly buried underneath and can prevent the cable from being bitten by rats or other animals, but this is not an armored cable and cannot withstand mechanical gravity.

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