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According to British Data, The Construction Industry PMI Has Rebounded to 28.9

Published by admin November 25,2020

A survey conducted by Reuters on June 4 in London showed that the anti-epidemic measures caused an unprecedented decline in the construction industry in the UK, which started to improve slightly in May. According to the CIPS announcement, the UK Construction Industry Purchasing Managers Index for May (PMI) rebounded from a record low of 8.2 in April to 28.9. The gradual resumption of construction sites will help alleviate the decline in British construction output in May. In addition, manufacturing and service industries have seen the outlook more positively.

The gradual recovery of the economy has also led to the development of peripheral products. Since May this year, wire and cable manufacturers have received  increasing inquiries from customers in different regions, and the export volume has been restored to before 2020. It can be seen that such as power cable, solar cable, THHN cable, and other building cables.

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