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5 Minutes to Know The Differences Between Copper Wire and Optical Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan December 10,2021

With the continuous improvement of the bandwidth requirements in the network era, there has been a saying of insulated copper wire including tinned copper wire fading forward. Optical fiber cable has gradually replaced the traditional copper cable and become the mainstream in the 5G era. Will copper cable really be replaced entirely by fiber optic cable?  Believe lots of purchaser or buyer and copper wire manufacturers will concern about this critical question and let's talk about insulated copper cable or wire and fiber optic cable, this article may cost you 5 minutes.



4 Advantages of Insulated copper wire

  • Although in the case of higher bandwidth requirements for data centers, optical fiber with higher transmission rate, greater bandwidth, longer transmission distance and other advantages make its deployment in data centers occupy a larger share, especially the backbone application network;  But copper cable including tinned copper wire will remain an integral part of the data center, and fiber cannot replace copper in special applications such as voice transmission and the 3 phase power cable used in power supply.
  • Optical fiber is inferior to copper cable in terms of maintenance, cost, wiring, etc in less 100 meters network transmission.  The fiber core in the optical fiber is a kind of glass fiber, which is more fragile than the copper in the insulated copper cable and wire including tinned copper wire. In wiring and later maintenance, if the optical fiber is not careful, it will cause damage. However, the copper cable is not easy to be damaged, so the wiring and maintenance of the copper cable are relatively convenient and low cost. If you are purchaser, you need assure your copper wire manufacturer or supplier provide the insulated copper wire with good quality copper, the class 5 bare copper is the best choice.
  • Optical fiber cannot replace copper cable in the transmission of voice signals. Because different from fiber optic cables, the insulated copper wire transmit data through electrical pulses, they can transmit voice signals. However fiber optic cables can't do such task. In the voice signals transmission, apart from copper quality, you also need confirm your copper wire manufacturer provide good quality insulation materials, in particular you should reject accepting the recyclable PVC material.    
  • Because the core of optical fiber is made of silica, it cannot conduct electricity, while the copper in the insulated copper wire can conduct electricity, and the copper cable can supply power while conducting data connection, which can be used in the power system. If you are searching for a copper wire manufacturer to provide 3 phase power cable, you need confirm if they can provide low voltage or high voltage, because many manufacturers only have the ability to produce low voltage 3 phase power cable which is less difficult in the production process.

4 Advantages of Optical Fiber Cable

  •  Light weight, small volume: compared with copper cable, the fiber core diameter of the cable is much smaller, and the weight of the cable is much lighter than the weight of the copper cable. Compared to copper wire manufacturers, there are more strict require on optical fiber cable manufacturer or supplier, because the less manufactures know the silica properties well, as we all know, we started to use the silica materials later than copper materials.
  • strong anti-interference ability: optical cable only transmission optical signal does not transmit electrical signals, from electromagnetic interference, so the signal transmission in the optical fiber is not easy to be eavesdropped, strong confidentiality. So for many copper wire manufacturers, sometimes they will introduce the 3 phase power cable with resistant signal disturb function.
  • Long transmission distance: compared with the farthest distance of copper cable transmission electrical signal is 100 meters, the transmission distance of optical cable reaches more than 100 kilometers;  
  • rich resources: the main raw material of optical cable is silica, that is, quartz, and rich in nature.



3 Phase Power Cable Selection

3 phase power cable is more common used compared to the 1 phase power cable. China TOP3 manufacturer and supplier JZD provides 3 phase power cable to 10 countries, including Autralia, Zimbabwe and Peru. Apart from 3 phase power cable, we also provide 4mm, 6mm solar cables to 12 countries, because the solar enegry has been hotter than before.

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